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Aron Priest

I've been in the print trade since 1988, starting as a machine minder. I then trained for five years at Barking College for a full apprenticeship, whilst at my first job. From there, I moved to another printing company to run bigger presses. I then finally started my first company called Solopress in 1999.

Fully trained in every department of my company, I love coming to work each day. I'm very enthusiastic about Solopress and sincerely hope you will enjoy printing with us. When I'm not working, I like spending time with my wife and my two children and playing badminton. I'm actively involved in the local council and love going out for a drink and having a good time.


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Andy Smith

Brought up in the print game, I left school and went to work with my dad who owned a successful printing company. I worked there for two years before going it alone, working that way for eight years before deciding to go into a partnership. Having already known Aron through the print industry, we set up Solopress with a mission to be better and faster than all our competition. This meant many early starts and just as many late nights, but 15 years on we have achieved it and are proud to employ more than 150 staff and turnover £11.65 million a year.

Outside of work, I have two young children to care for. As a family, we love to holiday, bike ride and socialise with friends and family. When I’m out without them, my passion is sports cars. I drive to Le Mans every other year. I also love Vegas, a good boxing match and rugby, and as you can see I'm an avid supporter of Movember!


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