Creative DIY Christmas Trees

diy christmas trees made of wrapping paper

This weekend, many people around the UK will put up their Christmas trees; however, some may be a little more unusual than others. 

If you want to do something different this season, why not take inspiration from these wonderful and unique DIY Christmas trees? Many are great for small spaces, tight budgets and anyone wanting to create something that reflects their holiday spirit in a different way.

The Wrapping Paper Tree

This whimsical tree can be made simply from rolled up strips of wrapping paper. Perfect if you have odds and ends left over from wrapping presents, or old Christmas cards you’re keen to repurpose! Add a few buttons or sparkles if you fancy and voila! You have a Christmas tree. A great idea as a Christmas craft for young kids.

diy christmas trees made of wrapping paper

The Veggie Tree

Whether you’re hosting or attending a Christmas party this year, this a festive and healthy contribution to the spread. Pin together broccoli, cherry tomatoes and other veggies with skewers until you’ve achieved a delicious tree. For those who really like to play with their food, “ornaments” can be added by using cookie cutters to punch out different shapes.

veggie diy christmas trees

The Egg Carton Tree

Another fun craft for kids, if you’ve saved up all those egg cartons that were previously designated for the recycling bin. Paint them in varying shades of green for a more textured effect and add simple decorations as you see fit!

egg carton tree

The Hanging Bauble Tree

A subtle and beautiful way to create a Christmas tree in a small space, green baubles can be strung from the ceiling to form the shape of a tree. This is a simply elegant idea for those without much space in their homes for larger DIY Christmas trees.

diy christmas trees made of baubles

The Chocolate Bar Tree

How sweet is this? A lovely surprise to give as a gift or put out during a party, it’s a Christmas tree made from rows of chocolate bars! Satisfy your holiday spirit and your sweet tooth in one go.

candy diy christmas trees

The Book Tree

If you love to read, then you’re sure to enjoy a tree made out of books. Formed as big or small as you dare to stack it, picking titles with green covers is the optimal way to convey a sense of the holidays.

a beautiful christmas tree made out of books

The Beer Bottle Tree

If you’re really been meaning to take your recycling out, stop and see what you can make from it first! The innovative owners of this tree stacked identical green beer bottles in rows to form a rather merry holiday creation.

a christmas tree made out of empty beer bottles