Acrylic Sneeze Guards 

Offer protection from viruses and germs to your staff and customers with our sturdy Acrylic Sneeze Guards. Available printed single-sided or completely transparent, these sneeze screens are ideal for use as desk dividers, reception area barriers, countertop shields and much more.

They stand 0.75m tall using two easy to install feet and can be ordered either 0.5m or 1m wide. They feature a small cut-out area at the bottom in a central position which is convenient for taking payments, providing small products or exchanging paperwork.
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Acrylic Sneeze Screens from Solopress

Use our 0.75m tall Acrylic Sneeze Guards to stop viruses from coughs and sneezes from reaching staff, customers or colleagues. These robust screens can be ordered plain with just the transparent acrylic, or alternatively can be printed single sided with your choice of branding or messaging.

They are delivered flat and but are extremely easy to assemble, with two acrylic feet all that needs to be fitted to enable it to be used straight away. Depending on where you need to use your screen, you are able to opt for either a 0.5m or 1m version.

Whichever size you order, they will feature a small rectangular cut-out at the bottom of the shield in the middle. This is to allow objects to be passed through from one person to another including money, documents, products and many others as well.

Popular uses for these sneeze guards include dividing desks in offices, placing on countertops in shops and placing on the reception table in foyers. Wherever they are located, you can rest assured that they will offer excellent protection and also give confidence to everyone that you are taking their health seriously.


Acrylic Sneeze Guard Templates

Please choose one of the following templates to download and use for your artwork.

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