How To Make An Angry Birds Piñata!

angry birds pinata

Host your own Mexican fiesta this month, with a homemade Angry Birds Piñata that is fun for the whole family!

Perfect for a birthday celebration or just some laughs with the kids, follow our simple guide to making one of the angriest video game characters ever into a traditional Mexican piñata.

DIY Angry Birds

Classic Angry Bird “Red” is the star of our DIY piñata tutorial, ready to take a few whacks in the name of entertainment.

Angry Bird Red features in this DIY Angry Birds Pinata
Red – Angry Birds – © 2014 Rovio Entertainment Ltd.

Sí, It’s Really Easy!

In this tutorial we will teach you how to make Red, in steps that are easy for even the younger kids in your home.

Solopress DIY Angry Birds pinata

Watch The Angry Birds Piñata Tutorial Video

What You’ll Need

  • Old Newspapers
  • 3 Balloons
  • Yellow & White Paints
  • PVA Glue
  • Red Crepe Paper
  • 3 Paint Brushes
  • A Paint Tray
  • A Big Piece of Cardboard

Section 1: Prepare To Create

Lay down a few sheets of the old newspaper to protect the surface you are using.

Cut the rest of your newspaper into wide strips.

pinata newspaper strips

Remember to ask an adult’s permission before using scissors!

When you’ve cut all your paper into strips, blow up one balloon until it is as big as you can get it and tie the end.

Squirt some PVA glue onto your paint tray or a plastic cup and add a little water to make a paste mixture. If you use too much water the mixture will be too runny.

Pinata mixing paste

Place a strip of newspaper on your balloon and start pasting it on with the mixture over the paper until it sticks. Keep repeating this process by overlapping the the paper strips until you have completed 4 coats of paper mache. Any less than 4 coats and it may crumple when you get your balloon out.

pasting the pinata paper

When you’ve completed your coats, wait overnight for it to dry.

Section 2: Attaching The Beak

Cut out two semi circular shapes for the beak. One should be a little bit smaller than the other. The smaller one will act as the bottom part of the beak and the bigger one will act as the top.

Fringe both pieces with scissors along the straight edge (this’ll make it easier to stick onto the body). Stick both parts onto the body using sticky tape. You may need to shape them so they curve more after it’s stuck down.

fringing the Angry Birds beak

Using the paste mixture, paint the top and bottom beaks then paste the newspaper strips to cover the cardboard beak. Use strips to connect it to the main body to add strength and smoothness with the rest of the bird.

pasting the Angry Birds pinata beak

Remember to paste the newspaper stripes as far inside the mouth as possible to create a better effect.

Wait overnight for the beak to dry.

Section 3: The Balloon

It’s now time to get the balloon out of the piñata. Cut the balloon at the end, do not pop it! The balloon won’t do much at first, but you’ll slowly hear it pulling away from the paper mache. Give it a gentle pat to help it peel off of the glue. You’ll know when it has finished as you’ll here a loud popping noise.

At this point, simply turn the piñata upside-down and pull the deflated balloon out.

cutting the balloon

Either print or make the Angry Bird’s eyes and place them above the beak to stencil around.

Stencil using a marker pen, then complete the beak at the bottom. Remove the eyes and paint the beak by using the yellow paint.

drawing the Angry Birds beak

painting the beak

Step 4: Decorating The Body

After you’ve painted the beak, stencil around the bird’s belly and then paint that area white.

Depending on the type of paint you’re using, you may need to give it a couple of coats.

Cut your Crepe Paper lengthways by about 10cm and fringe it about 5cm in.

cutting the crepe paper

fringing the crepe paper

Cut a 5cm strip and glue it (using PVA glue) just above the line you drew for the belly. Now, start layering your fringed strips by gluing the non-fringed portions over one and another. When you reach the top, you may want to cut down the strips so you can fit them easier and fill the smaller gaps.

wrapping the Angry Bird

When you’ve finished the layers, give your bird a haircut by trimming the fringed layers around the beak and belly.

Using the PVA glue, stick the eyes onto your Angry Bird.

Ruffle the feathers so they aren’t flat to get that classic piñata look.

Step 5: Filling The Angry Birds Piñata

Now it’s time to fill it! We recommend to use individually wrapped sweets to fill your pinãta with a tasty treat, but for this demonstration we have filled ours with glitter for a colourful explosion.

filling the Angry Birds pinata

When you’ve filled it, tape the down to stop anything coming out.

To make the big feathers at the top, slightly inflate 2 balloons and wrap them in the remaining crepe paper. Tape these up and then tape them to the top of the bird over the hole.

making the features

Use a strip of crepe paper and glue it around the base of the feathers to hide the sticky tape.

With scissors, pierce two holds in the back with a good distance between them. Use a piece of twine or rope to tie it to the tree of your choice (use something strong, remember you’re going to be hitting this thing!)

Then stick a blindfold on and swing like there’s no tomorrow!

smashing the pinata

We hope you have enjoyed this video; we will be bringing you many more craft tutorials throughout the year.

remnants of the pinata

This article and video are intended for entertainment purposes only.
Angry Birds (and characters) are © 2014 Rovio Entertainment Ltd. 


  1. This is a great idea and is hilarious as well. I haven`t made a pinata yet but it would be great for the kids` birthday parties.


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