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Magnetic Signs

Magnetic Signs

Boost brand awareness for your business with our selection of personalised magnets for vehicles, signage and gifts. Solopress’ service allows you to stamp your brand personality on a variety of surfaces. Use our specialised print technology to create eye-catching designs featuring your artwork, messaging and logo.
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Magnetic Signs

Find the right magnetic signs for your business.

For a sturdy and eye-catching display, choose custom magnetic signs from Solopress. These marketing tools can be cut to different shapes and sizes, so choose the one that best suits your planned application. They’re coated with PVC foil on one end to protect the artwork, while on the other side we apply a matte UV varnish that protects the surface you’re sticking the sign to.

These magnets are durable and weather-resistant. If you’re thinking of ordering some new signage for a vehicle, you can be sure of lasting visual impact on the door of your car or van.

If you want to give customers a small memento of your services, why not print out custom magnets for your next workshop or trade fair? We can print them at a small-enough size to take pride of place in the kitchen as fun fridge magnets or choose a size and shape that can liven up their workstation.

Whatever your requirements, at Solopress we’ll help you produce something that’s attention-grabbing and inspired. Choose from professionally branded printed magnets or make your own quirky statement using our handy online template. Once you’ve placed your order, we’ll arrange free UK delivery to your door within a matter of days.