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Exhibiting at trade shows and exhibitions offers a unique opportunity to showcase your brand, connect with potential clients, and establish your industry presence. With our expertise and a wide array of exhibition display products, we’re committed to guiding you through creating an impactful and memorable exhibition presence.

Here’s a sample of some of the tips, strategies,and insights you can find in our free-to-order guide, “Exhibit Like An Expert”.



Top tips for trade shows

Navigating trade shows requires strategy and finesse.
  1. Plan Ahead: Set clear objectives and strategies on achieving them, leveraging resources like our Exhibition Stands for maximum impact.
  2. Engage Visually: Draw attention with high-impact visuals. Consider incorporating Roller Banners to make a strong visual statement.
  3. Be approachable: Design an inviting space, using elements like Printed Tablecloths to enhance your area’s visual appeal.
  4. Network Efficiently: Come prepared to connect, armed with well-designed Business Cards.
  5. Effective Follow-up: Collect contacts for post-show communication, ensuring no opportunity slips through.
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How do I prepare for an exhibition?

Solid preparation sets the foundation for a successful exhibition:
  1. Design Your Space Thoughtfully: Utilise Printed Tablecloths and Flyers and Leaflets to create a cohesive, branded environment.
  2. Staff Training: Equip your team with product knowledge and effective communication skills.
  3. Marketing Collateral: Stock up on engaging materials from Brochures to Promotional Products, ensuring your message resonates.
  4. Network Efficiently: Come prepared to connect, armed with well-designed Business Cards.
  5. Rehearse Your Setup: Practise the layout and setup of your exhibition space for improved efficiency on the day.


How can I stand out in an exhibition?

Capturing attention in a crowded exhibition space is crucial:
  1. Innovative Display Solutions: Create a visually stunning display with our Exhibition Stands and eye-catching Roller Banners.
  2. Interactive Elements: Engage attendees with Literature Stands filled with captivating content.
  3. Unique Giveaways: Offer memorable Promotional Products that embody your brand’s essence.
  4. Dynamic Engagement: Draw in crowds with live demos or interactive sessions.


How can I be successful in an exhibition?

Achieving success at an exhibition means meeting your set objectives. Here’s how:
  1. Clear Messaging Keep your branding and product messages concise and compelling.
  2. Engagement Strategy: Train your team to engage effectively, leveraging tools like Business Cards and Flyers to facilitate conversations.
  3. Lead Capture: Implement an efficient system for collecting and managing leads.
  4. Post-Exhibition Follow-up: Develop a clear plan for following up on leads to maximise ROI.

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