To help you get the best out of your print, we have created the following support guides which explain in detail how to prepare your artwork to our preferred specifications. Simply click on the relevant guide below.



Everything you need to know about submitting your design, including file formats.

Account for variances in the trimming process with a safety margin around your artwork.

Tips to make sure your colours translate accurately from digital design into print.

Learn how to place and order and supply artwork to produce a Custom Shape Sticker Sheet.

We go through the dimensions and proportions of the standard paper sizes on offer.

Exploring the ways a single sheet can be folded to achieve a multi-page leaflet.

Methods to ensure your chosen font survives conversion into a print-ready file format.

What to look out for when you’re planning to print on this distinctive paper stock.

A guide to our automated tool that lets you check your artwork before going to print.

A tour of our range of paper stocks, and how to choose the right one for your job.

The essential pre-press checks you need to make when proofing artwork for print.

How to make sure your design looks as sharp and detailed in print as it does on screen.

Design and order print with selected details picked out in gloss varnish or metallic foil.

Achieve eye-catching, three-ply print with a contrasting-coloured layer in the centre.

Learn about the differences between vector graphics and raster images.