Introducing our Plant List

This plant list provides an insight into the inventory of machines we employ to achieve industry-leading print quality and enviable turnaround times. As well as tried and tested print approaches, we’re keen adopters of newly proven technologies that help to expand our capabilities.




1 x Heidelberg Speedmaster XL106 10P

Introduced in Q4 2022 as part of a £5m investment, this colossal offset press with a max speed of 18,000sph not only unlocks B1 printing, but also boasts advanced systems that vastly reduce make-ready times.

2 x Heidelberg Speedmaster XL75 10P

Exceptional quality, ten colour lithographic print at speeds of up to 15,000sph. Running three of these presses gives us huge capacity for litho jobs.

1 x Heidelberg Speedmaster SM74 5 Colour

This five colour press supports our litho offering in the medium size format, producing up to 15,000sph.


1 x HP Pagewide T250

This state-of-the-art T250 digital inkjet press with HDNA printheads, 2400 nozzles per inch and HP Brilliant Inks offers offset quality at print speeds up to 150mpm.

2 x HP Indigo 7800

For sheet sizes of SRA3+ (320 × 460mm) and below, the HP Indigo 7800 is the fastest digital sheetfed printer on the market.

2 x HP Indigo 10000

More digital sheetfed machines from the Indigo range, this pair of B2 presses prints up to 3,450sph, or 4,600sph using the Enhanced Productivity Mode (EPM).

1 x HP Indigo 100k

The world's most productive B2 digital solution with true digital non-stop print capabilities at 6,000sph.

1 x Konica Minolta Motion Cutter

This digital high-speed laser cutter is primarily used to produce Stickers and Labels, and is also capable of kiss-cutting, engraving and micro perforation with incredible accuracy.

1 x Konica Minolta AccurioPress C14000

This highly automated laser press is a versatile addition to our digital printing capabilities, with the further potential to overprint and fuse Envelopes going forward.

1 x Konica Minolta MGI 3DS

This JETvarnish device reproduces details as fine as 0.5mm in shining Spot UV or Foil finishes thanks to its drop-on-demand piezoelectric print heads.

Large Format

1 x HP Pagewide XL 8000

Thanks to lightning-fast digital processing and workflow management, this 1020mm wide press can print A1 sheets at 1500sph.

1 x Esko Kongsberg C44

A precise and versatile flatbed cutting table with a 2210 x 3200mm large working area that allows us to trim large format signage at speeds up to 75mpm.

2 x Agfa Anapurna Hybrid

These two units allow us to print Banners and Signage up to 2500mm wide on a huge variety of rigid and roll media including PVC, Foamex, Correx and Dibond.

1 x Fotoba XLD 320HS

This super wide XY cutter will trim widths up to 3200mm. Its sophisticated system of sensors allows it to scan and track automatically as well as self-square to the edge of the image.


2 x Hunkeler Generation 8 Cut & Stack

These Roll-to-Cut/Stack machines are used in conjunction with HP Pagewide T250 digital press, trimming and stacking the web of printed paper at speeds of up to 3mps.

1 x Muller Martini Digital Presto II

The digital saddle stitcher allows us to produce Stapled Brochures with great speed and accuracy, including mixed stock documents.

1 x Renz Mobi 500

Putting the wire into Wiro Bound, this wire binding machine helps us to create Calendars, Brochures and Notepads. It can bind up to 260 pages with spines up to 500mm long.

3 x Polar 137 Guillotine
5 x Polar 115 Guillotine
3 x Polar 92 Guillotine

With multiple 92cm, 115cm and 137cm models, our gang of high-speed hydraulic guillotines make fast work of trimming print jobs.

2 x Horizon MKIII Stitchliner
2 x Horizon 5500 Stitchliner
1 x Horizon Inline Stitcher
1 x Horizon BQ500 Perfect Binder

When it comes to Books, Brochures, Manuals, Calendars or any multi-page document, our versatile suite of binding machines produce professional results every time.

2 x Horizon AFV-566FTK Ice Folder

This advanced unit will run at up to 270mpm for parallel folds, allowing us to produce Folded Flyers and Leaflets with tremendous speed and accuracy.

5 x MBO Folders

Fast and precise, this five-strong fleet of folders supports our capacity to run multiple Folded Leaflets jobs concurrently.

1 x Moll Pile PT – Gluer / Folder

This Folder/Gluer machine is a combined folding and taping unit that uses an air wheel to collect from a pile feeder so as not to mark coated paper stocks.