Waterproof Posters 

Keep your message safe from moisture with these indoor or outdoor posters that won’t crinkle or ripple when wet. Waterproof Poster printing gives you longer lasting displays in A-Boards and Snap Frames, perfect for outdoor events, pop-ups, pubs and restaurants.

Printed on 135gsm and 230gsm Synaps material, they're made from completely recyclable, PVC-free synthetic polyester paper that’s waterproof, tearproof and won’t fade in the sun.
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Customise your Waterproof Posters

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Waterproof Poster Printing with Low Prices and Free UK Delivery from Solopress

When you need your message to impress come rain or shine, Waterproof Poster printing lets you display your info indoors or out.

Our Waterproof Posters are printed on a material called Synaps, which is made from PVC-free, fully recyclable polyester. It’s bright, opaque and can be printed just like paper – but it’s also tough, strong and immune to the elements. The result is a waterproof, tearproof Poster that's resistant to UV discolouration. That means they can survive multiple uses without rippling in the rain or fading in the sun.

Available in two classic sizes, A4 and A3, these high-quality Waterproof Posters come in two thicknesses. 135gsm is as light and practical as paper, but with the added durability of Synaps. 230gsm is thick and tough, perfect when you want to use and reuse your message time and time again.

We can print single-sided for your front-facing posters or double-sided for a reversible message. Waterproof Poster printing makes for a longer-lasting outdoor display in A-Boards and Snap Frames as well as splashproof notices in kitchens and bathrooms

We digitally print your custom artwork directly onto the waterproof material itself, creating fast turnaround posters with free UK delivery.

Waterproof Poster Printing with Low Prices and Free UK Delivery from Solopress




Please choose one of the following templates to download and use for your artwork.

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Waterproof Poster Printing with Low Prices and Free UK Delivery from Solopress


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