At Solopress, we understand the necessity of confidentiality; we specialise in B2B printing and will send out every order in unbranded, white label packaging as standard. For full discretion your invoice and all other order details will be sent to you via email alone.


This method ensures that your client does not need to know the origin from where the parcel has been sent. This means that every single order produced will be sent in discreet packaging with no logos or branding on.

The plain packaging will not contain any marketing or invoices from us, this method will save your valuable time and make it look as though you have produced the product yourself and sent the item to them directly.


Alternatively, we can send the packaging to you and you can easily brand with your own logos. As well as being completely discreet, we pride ourselves on our secure packaging to ensure that your products arrive in perfect condition. We can also offer bundling into quantities of your choice as an extra option for your convenience when unpacking your order.

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