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Poster Printing

Poster Printing

Our poster printing service will help you to promote your product and services - or even an upcoming event you are planning. Printed posters are one of the best ways to put your message in front of your audience. Create your own custom designs with our printing service.
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Advertising Poster Printing

Choose from our range of poster printing options and get next-day delivery

Do you have an upcoming event or a new product or service that you want to shout about? Whatever your reasons for needing to communicate with your customers, our custom prints can get the message out there.

Our range of large prints are affordable but never compromise on quality. Whether you’d like them printed on recycled paper or a high gloss finish, our posters can be tailor made to fit your every specification.

At Solopress, we offer a wide range of sizes for your posters, whether you need a discreet press insert or an oversized attention-grabbing piece of artwork, for example. All you need to do to get started is download our free and easy-to-use template, but you’ll also have the option of getting our team of graphic designers on board for consultation.

The best bit? Once we’ve received your poster design, we’ll get to work on it right away to ensure your new, stunning artwork is ready for next-day delivery.


What is the thickest paper stock you offer for posters?

Our A3 and A4 posters can be printed on paper up to 350gsm thick, although for larger sizes the maximum thickness is 130gsm.

What is the largest poster size you can produce?

The largest size available on our website is 40” x 60” which stands 5 foot tall. If you would like to discuss poster printing on a larger scale or a custom size that we don’t offer on the website, please give us a call on 01702 460047 or email

Can I have different artwork on each of my posters?

You can, but you will need to add each poster into your basket separately rather than uploading multiple designs to one order.

Can you design my poster for me?

Sure, our team of specialist in-house designers are very experienced and will work with you to create a poster that will look great and get your message across. The price of our poster design service starts from £60.00. For more information please give us a call on 01702 460047 or email

What is the difference between gloss posters and bond posters?

Gloss posters have a shiny finish and the colours are generally more vibrant. Bond posters are printed on an uncoated paper stock and have a textured feel, but as a result the colours can appear slightly duller in comparison.

Do you sell waterproof or laminated posters?

We don’t offer either of these options online at the moment, but our customer service team are able to quote for encapsulated posters which are laminated in a plastic wrap with a 5mm overhang, similar to an office laminator. This makes the poster weatherproof for a period of time and means that it can be used outside.

What are backlit lightbox posters?

Backlit posters are used a printed on 200gsm light box film and are effective when placed in a light box frame. The frame is powered from the mains, illuminating LED bulbs which shine light through the poster to make it really stand out.


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