Brochures and Booklets

Brochures and Booklets

Our brochure printing services can expertly showcase your products and services. Printed on the highest quality paper, our brochures come in several binding options – from wire-bound to stapled. Simply upload your design to create premium marketing booklets in no time.

Our brochure printing services can expertly showcase your products and services. Printed on the highest quality paper, our brochures come in several binding options – from wire-bound to stapled. Simply upload your design to create premium marketing booklets in no time.

Choose Brochures & Booklets by type

Stapled Brochures

Stapled Brochures

  • Traditional saddle-stitch stapled brochures
  • Showcase products across up to 56 pages
  • Choose a front cover spot UV or foil finish
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Perfect Bound Brochures

Perfect Bound Brochures

  • Glossy, professional brochure printing
  • Made for corporate magazines or reports
  • Print up to 254 pages on unique paper types
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Wiro Bound Brochures

Wiro Bound Brochures

  • Wire bound booklets open out or fold back
  • Durable wiring, ideal for training manuals
  • Available in sizes up to 254 pages
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Folded Brochures

Folded Brochures

  • Expertly folded print brochures
  • Print in full colour on several paper types
  • Choose up to six pages for images and text
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Brochure & Booklet Printing with Low Prices and Free UK Delivery from Solopress

Create stunning promotional material with our professional brochure printing service.

At Solopress, we know your company brochure can make all the difference to how you’re perceived by your customers – and whether or not you attract new clients.

Whether you’re showcasing your range in a glossy product brochure, holding a special event and need an itinerary programme or printing a training manual for your staff, our range can help you.

That’s why we’re with you every step of the way, offering you a brochure printing service designed to help you quickly and easily create an eye-catching, professional company booklet.

Our print brochures and booklets range includes stapled, perfect bound, wiro and folded binds. Each can be printed on a huge choice of different paper types and thicknesses, from glossy finishes for product brochures, to bond paper for professional documents.

There’s also a collection of sizes to choose from, whether you’re looking for standard A4 brochures and booklets or pocket-sized A6 manuals.

It’s easy to get started too. All you need to do is upload your design with our easy-to-use brochure templates and we can take it from there. If you’re struggling to envisage how your brochure might take shape, our team of designers can create an attention-grabbing brochure or booklet for you.

Once you’ve finalised your look, we’ll get to work on them straight away, and will deliver anywhere in the UK, for no extra cost.


What is the difference between a brochure and booklet? 

Brochures and booklets are two names for the same product, so there is no difference between them. The majority of people in the UK tend to refer to them as booklets, but there is still a sizeable number who call them brochures, hence why we refer to both on our website. Whatever name you choose to use, as long as you're looking for multiple sheets of folded paper bound together, you're in the right place.

How should I provide my artwork? 

When you’re ready to print, please sent your artwork in the following format:

  • PDF
  • 300 DPI resolution
  • 3mm bleed around existing dimensions
  • Each page set out as single pages; in the order they are due to appear
  • Please don’t set up your pages as spreads

Pages for stapled brochures must be supplied in multiples of four.

Perfect bound and wiro bound must be in multiples of two.

Can I preview my brochure before it goes to print? 

Yes, we offer an online brochure proofing tool, which allows you to proofread your artwork, before you submit it to us for proofing.

It’s easy:

1. Upload your artwork, using our brochure template or our guidelines.
We’ll run a checklist to see if there are any errors.
Your brochure will be displayed on-page, ready for you to view and approve.

We can also provide PDF copies - outlined below:

  • Wiro bound brochures – Free PDF proof available by email to ensure print accuracy
  • Perfect bound brochures – Free PDF proof also available by email
  • Stapled brochures – We can provide a PDF proof at a charge of £20

Need a printed proof? No problem. We can post a printed copy of any of our brochures to you. Prices start from £35.

What if there is a problem with my artwork? 

Our experienced order processing team and pre-press teams check the artwork of every order we receive. If our experts encounter any problems with your transactions, they will give you a call or email you to discuss the next steps to take.

How many pages can I include in my brochure? 

It depends on the type of brochure you order. Each one can contain:

What if I need more pages? 

Your brochure may be bigger or smaller than our set guidelines. That’s no problem. Simply give us a call and we can discuss your requirements as a bespoke job.

Call our team on 01702 460047 or email [email protected].

Do I need to supply artwork for the spine of perfect bound brochures? 

Often the main cover design of the brochure will be wrapped around the spine. In this case, we will automatically enlarge the cover design to accommodate the spine – no action is needed from you.

The other main option is to create a spine with its own bespoke design. Our team can also help with this, but we’ll need to work with you on it. Our experts will:

  • Calculate spine width, based on paper type and number of pages
  • Establish the new dimensions needed for the spine, so you can supply separate spine artwork

Contact our team on 01702 460047 or email [email protected].

Is it possible to use one paper stock for the cover and another for the inside pages? 

Yes, this service is available for stapled, wiro bound and perfect bound brochures. You will find the option to choose different paper stocks on each of the individual product pages.