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Solopress is committed to protecting the environment, so we’re proud to offer the Solopress Green range of eco-friendly printing options. Solopress Green offers a choice of high-quality print products that use sustainably-sourced materials, while investing in carbon offsetting that helps to neutralise our impact on the environment.

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Solopress Green: Environmentally-Friendly Printing from Solopress

The Solopress Green range is a cost-effective option that uses paper stocks that are FSC certified. This ensures that all the material that goes into our paper stocks is either recycled or comes from sustainable woodland sources.

Just because our recycled paper stocks are 'green', it doesn't mean they're any less white! Modern de-inking processes and production methods produce 100% recycled paper stocks that are bright, white, opaque, and smooth — often more so than paper made from virgin fibre!

In addition to responsibly sourced paper stocks, we’re also proud to be able to describe the production and sustainable printing processes that go into the Solopress Green printing range as 'carbon neutral'.

That means the carbon emissions resulting from manufacture and print are calculated and we make an equivalent contribution to environmental projects, in both Europe and the Amazon, that reduce carbon pollution.

We work with an organisation called ClimatePartner to ensure that our emissions are calculated accurately and that our contributions are never double-counted. This ensures that we’re truly offsetting the entirety of our carbon footprint.

We are also ISO 14001 certified, meaning that we are committed to minimising the impact that the printing process has on the environment. This includes looking for ways to optimise our energy consumption, using recycled stocks, monitoring our supply chain, and reducing our carbon footprint.

With options including Business Cards, Flyers, Leaflets, Postcards, Greetings Cards, and Stickers, and with more products being added all the time, you can create an impressive suite of environmentally-friendly printing from the Solopress Green range.