Waterproof Menus 

These remarkable Waterproof Menus are a game-changer for restaurants, pubs and bars in the UK. Printed on 230gsm SYNAPS, they are available in sizes from A7 to A3 and can be produced single or double-sided.

They are 100% waterproof, so much so that they can be wiped clean or rinsed under running water. This means that they can be washed after people have finished using them, killing germs before being handed to the next customer.

These printed menus will last a very long time, as not only do they not absorb water, but they are also tear proof to allow you to wash and reuse time and time again.

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Waterproof Menu Printing from Solopress

Running a successful restaurant, café, pub or bar involves a lot of re-ordering. Along with the raw ingredients that will be turned into meals and the drinks to be served from behind the bar, another item that often requires continual replenishment are the menus from which customers can make their choices. This is because menus are often damaged inadvertently, either by having drinks spilt on them or by being accidentally ripped.

However, the days of menus having a short lifespan have come to an end following the introduction of our Waterproof Menus. They are completely resistant to liquids, easy to clean and are also tearproof, making them an incredibly durable and cost-effective menu option.

Your menu can be printed single or double-sided and are available in flat sizes as big as A3 all the way down to A7. They are produced using a thick 230gsm plastic-based material that can be wiped, rinsed or washed with ease. As well as meaning that they will last longer than paper menus, this also has hygiene benefits as they can be thoroughly cleaned before being handed to the next person.

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