Triple Layer Guide

This is a guide to Triple Layer print products from Solopress, including everything you need to know about how they’re made, what colour options are available, and how to place your order. 


Reassuringly substantial 

Our Triple Layer paper stock achieves its unique thickness through its three-ply construction. Stacking up three sheets of 270gsm multiloft board results in a substantial 810gsm board that’s ideal for products such as Triple Layer Business Cards, Triple Layer Bookmarks and Triple Layer Postcards.


Contrasting colours

However, the thickness and rigidity of our Triple Layer products aren’t the only striking feature. Triple layer construction allows for a contrasting paper stock to be sandwiched between the two outer layers, producing an elegant strip of colour that forms an outline around the edge of the card. 

Choosing the right colour for your core layer will personalise your print, support your brand and make it instantly recognisable wherever it’s used. This guide will run you through each of the twelve coloured inlays available along with image samples to help you decide which is best for you.

triple layer-01.jpgtriple layer-02.jpg

triple layer-03.jpgtriple layer-04.jpg

triple layer-05.jpgtriple layer-06.jpg


Placing your order

From the product page for chosen Triple Layer item, you’ll see an extra drop-down menu called CHOOSE MIDDLE COLOUR. Select your choice from the twelve colours available, and that will form the core layer at the centre.

Artwork templates

At the foot of the product page, you’ll find the TEMPLATES tab. Within that area are downloadable artwork templates for each size. There are separate files compatible with Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign as well as a PDF that can be imported into the software of your choice. 

Preparing and uploading your artwork

If you’d rather go freestyle with your design, our guides on resolution, colour and bleed will help you to prepare a print-ready artwork file. Once you’ve finalised your design and added the product to your basket, you can upload artwork files following the instructions laid out in our Supplying Artwork Guide.


Proofing your artwork

When you upload your artwork to our system, the Online Proofing Tool will automatically get to work checking your artwork. When the checks are complete, you’ll be presented with an image of how your design will appear in print.  
For a full explanation of how to get the most out of online proofing, check out the Online Proofing Tool Guide. For tips on what to look out for as you check and approve your online proof, take a look at our Proof Checking Guide