Business Cards

Business Cards

Print high-quality Business Cards with Solopress to create a winning first impression. Opt for next-day Business Card printing and place your order before the daily cut-off, and your design could be in your pocket in 24 hours. Our low prices, fast delivery, and huge range of options mean that we are the UK's most trusted Business Card printers.

Print high-quality Business Cards with Solopress to create a winning first impression. Opt for next-day Business Card printing and place your order before the daily cut-off, and your design could be in your pocket in 24 hours. Our low prices, fast delivery, and huge range of options mean that we are the UK's most trusted Business Card printers.
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Choose Business Cards by finish

Economy Business Cards (Cheapest)

Economy Business Cards (Cheapest)

  • Smooth finish Business Card in 400gsm silk
  • Display text in vivid detail and colour
  • Buy standard, mini, square or other sizes
£6.31inc. VAT
£5.26ex. VAT
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Laminated Business Cards (Most Popular)

Laminated Business Cards (Most Popular)

  • Printed on thick, high-quality 400gsm card
  • Choose matt, gloss or velvet lamination
  • Ultra-sturdy, for a card that will last
£16.79inc. VAT
£13.99ex. VAT
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Spot UV Business Cards

Spot UV Business Cards

  • Display logos and text in vibrant UV colour
  • Print Business Cards single or double-sided
  • Coated in gloss varnish, on 400gsm card
£32.42inc. VAT
£27.02ex. VAT
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Pulp Business Cards

Pulp Business Cards

  • Business Cards printed on naturally textured card
  • Square or rounded corners to suit your brand
  • 380mic pulp
£23.81inc. VAT
£19.84ex. VAT
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Eco-Friendly Business Cards

Eco-Friendly Business Cards

  • Choose from 85 x 55mm or 90 x 50mm
  • Printed single or double-sided on 100% recycled card
  • ClimatePartner certified carbon neutral paper stocks
£41.14inc. VAT
£34.28ex. VAT
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Brown Kraft Business Cards

Brown Kraft Business Cards

  • Printed on 457mic brown kraft paper
  • A strong paper stock with rustic charm
  • Choose from square or rounded corners
£31.76inc. VAT
£26.47ex. VAT
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Foil Business Cards

Foil Business Cards

  • Highlight text and logos in gold, rose gold or silver
  • Pick single or double-sided Business Cards
  • Printed on eye-catching, robust 400gsm card
£43.62inc. VAT
£36.35ex. VAT
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Textured Business Cards

Textured Business Cards

  • Enhance your design with textured dot and tweed paper
  • Printed single or double-sided
  • Enjoy quick turnarounds and free delivery
£40.87inc. VAT
£34.06ex. VAT
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Metallic Business Cards

Metallic Business Cards

  • Choose 350gsm or 400gsm Business Cards
  • Featuring a unique metallic finish
  • Choose from four vibrant colours including gold, pink and blue
£41.00inc. VAT
£34.17ex. VAT
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Choose Business Cards by type

Rounded Corner Business Cards

Rounded Corner Business Cards

  • Smooth edge finish on your Business Card
  • Compact 85 x 55mm size for easy sharing
  • Print single or double-sided cards
£16.42inc. VAT
£13.68ex. VAT
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Square Business Cards

Square Business Cards

  • 55 x 55mm sized cards
  • Square corners
  • Choose from our full range of paper stocks
£15.67inc. VAT
£13.06ex. VAT
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Mini Business Cards

Mini Business Cards

  • Sleek 85 x 25mm cards
  • Printed single or double sided
  • A classy, space-saving option
£15.67inc. VAT
£13.06ex. VAT
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Loyalty Cards

Loyalty Cards

  • Quality customer loyalty stamp cards
  • Perfect for cafés and retailers
  • Print single or double sided
£12.19inc. VAT
£10.16ex. VAT
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Folded Business Cards

Folded Business Cards

  • Different folds & sizes available
  • Supplied flat and creased into place
  • More space for extra info on your card
£62.32inc. VAT
£51.93ex. VAT
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Perforated Business Cards

Perforated Business Cards

  • Choose one to four perforations
  • Ideal for attaching vouchers and tickets
  • Wide selection of Business Card types
£54.20inc. VAT
£45.17ex. VAT
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Business Card Printing with Low Prices and Free Mainland UK Delivery from Solopress


Business Card Benefits

What is a Business Card? 

A Business Card features your professional contact details and is designed to fit into a wallet, purse or pocket. They’re typically printed landscape onto paper or board with a weight of around 300 to 800gsm.

Often handed over during business meetings, their primary purpose is to enable further contact between parties. However, the exchange of Business Cards has become a tradition that marks a bond between companies and individuals. A Business Card is therefore essential for anyone wanting to take part in this custom.

More information on the origins of Business Cards is available in our blog about who Invented Business Cards.

Are Business Cards still relevant? 

Business Cards remain a must-have item for a number of reasons.

While it’s possible to transmit the same information digitally, a Business Card prompts a personal moment when you hand over your contact details. The card’s lasting physical presence also provides a tangible reminder of your meeting.

The look and feel of the card itself gives you an opportunity to tell more of your story. Your design choices, artwork, wording, and even paper stock and finish, all help to build a picture of your brand.

But maybe most importantly, the exchanging of Business Cards remains one of the traditional formalities that marks an auspicious meeting, and one that puts the room on a professional footing. If you want to take part in that custom, you’ll need to have a Business Card on hand.

What can Business Cards be used for? 

Primarily, a Business Card is used to transmit your professional contact details. That means the recipient can get hold of you in future, plus the very act of giving the card helps to form a bond with that person.

A Business Card with a blank area allows you to jot down a specific quote, product spec or message that helps personalise the moment and increase the significance of the card to its recipient.

Outside of meetings, a Business Card can be used to enter a prize draw, secure a wobbly table leg and much more!


What Business Card sizes do you offer? 

Our sizes vary depending on which Business Card you’re ordering. Sizes we offer include:

  • 85 x 55 mm (Standard)
  • 85 x 25 mm (Mini)
  • 55 x 55 mm (Square)
  • 89 x 51 mm (American)
  • 88 x 55 mm (Alternative)
  • 80 x 50 mm (Small)
  • 90 x 55 mm (Long)

Can I make custom sized Business Cards? 

Yes, you can. For custom-sized Business Card queries, please email [email protected], as this isn’t something we offer on our website.

Please note: You can’t have rounded corners on custom Business Cards.


Which paper is best for Business Cards? 

The best paper for your Business Card is the one that best suits your brand and purposes. Solopress offers a broad range of options on paper stocks and finishes, all of which have been carefully selected for their suitability.

Silk and Bond cards offer a classic look and feel, perfect for industries with formal or established traditions when it comes to print.

Meanwhile, Laminated Business Cards offer a greater level of durability to keep your details fresh in wallets and pockets.

Eco-Friendly Business Cards from the Solopress Green range are recycled, recyclable and carbon neutral to help reduce your impact on the environment.

Other materials and options such as textured or metallic paper stocks and Spot UV or Foil finishes add a point of difference to support distinctive brands.

Which gsm should I choose for my Business Cards? 

A wide range of card thicknesses are considered suitable for Business Cards. However, anything under 290gsm might prove too flimsy and could reflect poorly on your brand. Conversely, anything above 850gsm might leave your recipient struggling to get the card into the slots of their purse, wallet or Business Card holder.

At Solopress, our Business Card thicknesses range between 400gsm Economy Business Cards up to our 810gsm Triple Layer Business Cards.

If I want to write on my Business Card, which paper stock is best? 

For a Business Card you can write on, you’ll want to avoid gloss surfaces that don’t absorb ink, and textured surfaces that will be difficult to write on..

Our Economy Business Cards on 400gsm silk paper are a great surface to write on. The slight texture offered by our Pulp Business Cards still provides a comfortable writing surface.

Our Metallic and Laminated Business Cards might present difficulties for a fountain pen, but a ballpoint pen should do the job..

Foil and Spot UV areas on Business cards will not be suitable to write on other than with a permanent marker.

Cost & Quantity

What are the cheapest Business Cards that you sell? 

Economy Business Cards are our most affordable range, starting from only £7.99 for 25 single-sided cards. They’re produced on 400gsm silk and are a budget-friendly option for restocking your supply.

Can I print multiple versions? 

Yes. You’ll find a dropdown menu titled VERSIONS on the product page for your chosen Business Card. This menu lets you select the number of unique designs you wish to print as part of your order.

What quantity should I select per version? 

The quantity you select for an order where you have selected a number in the VERSIONS dropdown menu will then constitute the number of each version printed.

For example, if you select 2 under VERSIONS and set the quantity to 500, you will receive a total of 1000 Business Cards – 500 of each version.

Are Business Cards vatable? 

Yes, Business Cards are vatable. While certain printed products such as books are zero-rated, VAT is payable on print items that are used as an aid to business. Business Cards fall under that category. For more info about paying VAT on print and exemptions for registered charities, visit our Support Guide on VAT.


How long does it take to get Business Cards from Solopress? 

Solopress typically offer next working day Business Card delivery on a huge range of stocks and finishes.

The standard cut off time for placing orders on next day Business Cards is 12pm. This applies to the following Business Card finishes and types:

  • Economy
  • Gloss, velvet or matt lamination
  • Metallic
  • Luxury, triple-layered
  • Textured or uncoated
  • Rounded corners

Cards that take longer to produce include:

  • Folded cards (one-day turnaround)
  • Perforated cards (one-day turnaround)
  • Spot UV (two-day turnaround)
  • Foiled finishes (two-day turnaround)

What locations are eligible for next day delivery? 

Next day delivery is available for nearly all of the UK, with the following exceptions:

  • Scotland – PA postcode. Deliveries to this area only take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. After you’ve placed your order, you’ll receive an email confirming the exact delivery date.
  • Scotland – AB, FK, G83, IV, KW, PA, PH, HS & DD postcodes. Deliveries to these areas can take an extra two to three days.
  • Northern Ireland – BT postcode. Deliveries to this area take an extra two to three days.
  • Outside the UK – While we’re happy to ship outside the UK, we’re unable to offer a Business Cards on a next day delivery. International customers seeking to place orders for fast delivery should speak with one of our Live Chat representatives or call us on 01702 460047, for advice on delivery costs and timings.

When do I need to order to receive my Business Cards the next day? 

Most of our Business Cards qualify for next day working delivery when they’re ordered before 12pm on weekdays.

We also offer an extended deadline service. This means you can order up until 5pm on weekdays, to get next day delivery on your Business Cards – for a small extra cost.

There’s a countdown timer on each individual page. This lets you know the cut off time to submit your order if you wish to receive it on the next working day.

Will my Business Cards be delivered in a box? 

Yes, everything you order comes with free mainland UK delivery.

Next-day print turnarounds are available on most Business Card orders placed before the daily cut-off. You can browse prices and delivery dates before adding your Business Cards to your basket.

Whether you select a next day turnaround or a longer delivery time, once your order is ready for dispatch, it will be sent via FedEx’s next day delivery service at no extra charge.


What should I include on a Business Card? 

This is completely down to you. Each business is unique and may prioritise certain details over others. A few things we’d recommend:

  • Company name
  • Logo
  • Contact details

For more information on what to include on a Business Card, read our detailed blog.

What if I don't have a Business Card design? 

If you’re starting from scratch, there are three ways we can help you out with your Business Card design.

  1. If you or someone in your organisation has some graphic design skills, we have free Business Card template for each size that we offer. These blank templates are available to open in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator or Acrobat, and mark out cutter guides, safe areas and bleed areas.
  2. If you don’t want to design from scratch, you can browse the free-to-use designs within our Create Your Own tool. Each themed design allows you to write enter copy and produce content to make create Business Cards that are unique to you. Remember to log in to your Solopress account before you get started so that you can save your progress along the way.
  3. If you’re looking for a professionally designed, totally bespoke Business Card, then our talented team of in-house designers is on hand to create artwork for you. A drop down menu on the product page for your chosen Business Card will ask you "WOULD YOU LIKE US TO DESIGN YOUR ARTWORK FOR YOU?". Simply select "Yes please" and click Add to basket. From the basket window, click the Create Your Brief button and fill out your design requirements, attaching any logos or wordmarks you’d like us to include. Please note: this will affect your delivery date.

Which is the best programme to design Business Cards? 

The programmes supported by our free downloadable templates are:

  1. Photoshop
  2. InDesign
  3. Illustrator
  4. Acrobat

However, you can use any graphic design programme you prefer, as long as you can export your artwork as a print-ready file format.

Please note: If you use a different programme, your artwork needs to:

  1. Be at the correct size with a resolution of 300dpi
  2. Be in CMYK colour
  3. Include a 3mm bleed

For more information, go to our Support Guide on How To Supply Artwork.

Alternatively, our Create Your Own tool lets you design a Business Card online at without using a design programme. Remember to login to your account before you get started so you can save your progress.

Can I use spot UV on my Business Cards? 

Yes, we do offer Spot UV Business Cards If you need help with uploading your spot UV artwork, check out our spot UV support guide for more information.

Can I use foil on my Business Cards? 

Yes, we do offer Foil Business Cards in a range of colours. If you need help with uploading your foil artwork, check out our foil support guide for more information.

Can I make amendments to my design? 

If you want to make amendments to your design, please speak with one of our Live Chat team, email [email protected], or call 01702 460047 quoting your order number.

Please note: because of our high-speed turnaround, your items will be printed soon after you place the initial order, however we will always do our best to change the artwork as late as possible.


Can you recycle Business Cards? 

Most Business Cards can be recycled, and Solopress offers both recyclable Business Cards and Business Cards made from recycled material.

Where we’re unable to source recycled paper (guaranteed to have been made from recycled material), we endeavour to use paper which is guaranteed to come from sustainably managed forests.

We also offer Eco-Friendly Business Cards as part of the Solopress Green range.

After use, most cards can be recycled once again. That includes our Economy, Pulp, Textured, Kraft and Eco-Friendly Business Cards.

Business Cards that cannot be recycled after use include Laminated, Foil and Spot UV.