Business Card size guide

Business Card Size Guide

Finding the perfect Business Card to impress new customers and spread the word is easy with Solopress. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all – that’s why we offer a wide choice of Business Card sizes and styles to meet different needs. Whether you’d like to play it safe with a traditional look and feel, showcase your contemporary edge with a square design or impress with a mini style, our range of Business Card dimensions will help you create the ultimate networking tool.

Make the most of our easy-to-use free Business Card maker to design your ideal Business Card. With plenty of styles to choose from, they’re easy to customise with text and images to create a personalised Business Card that’s individual to you. If being creative is not your thing, then our team of designers are on hand to help design the perfect artwork to suit you and your business.

Whether you’re considering different stocks, getting creative with design or exploring various Business Cards sizes, we offer a wide range of options to help you achieve a competitive edge. To assist you with the process of choosing and designing your customised Business Cards, we’ve highlighted the main sizes available at Solopress.

Different Business Card sizes

What size are Business Cards? The answer is that there are a number of size options available, with certain Business Card measurements finding preference in specific industries or territories.


The Standard UK Business Card dimensions are the same size as a credit card at 85 x 55 mm, designed to slot easily into your purse or wallet. Standard size Business Cards are a long-established and popular choice, fulfilling the needs of most business types. Printed on 400gsm silk, this traditional style comes with the option to print either single or double-sided and is an affordable solution to help you confidently connect with your customers. If you want your own take on a traditional look, opt for Matt Laminated Business Cards and choose rounded corners to add that stand-out touch.


Capture the attention of your customers with an ultra-modern mini Business Card. A great eco-conscious choice, they’re equivalent to half of the standard Business Card size and deliver just as much punch but still with plenty of space to get your message across. Mini Business Card dimensions are a quaint 85 x 25 mm, but with the use of clever design, you can make every millimetre count. Create eye-catching visuals to make your design pop or simply boost your artwork with one of our wide range of finishes, including textured tweed or a stunning iridescent metallic effect.


Business cards just got cool and contemporary in an elegant square style. A break away from the norm, this distinctive and sophisticated take on the traditional Business Card will help you stand out against the competition. Take the opportunity to do something striking with your design and make your unique square Business Card a conversation starter. At 55 x 55 mm, it reflects the modern world of Instagram and is designed to deliver an impact. Consider on-trend recycled uncoated papers such as brown kraft or choose a spot UV laminated finish to draw attention to key elements.


Make an impact at your next event by choosing an American Business Card to share your company credentials. The US Business Card is sized 89 x 51 mm, making it a handy wallet-sized card for easy networking. With plenty of room to display your company logo and contact details, it’s perfectly designed to keep you at the forefront of customers’ minds. Raise your card to a new level with a portrait-style design and luxury-quality thick stock to make that first impression count.


Stand out among the competition with a long Business Card sized 90 x 55 mm. Slightly oversized compared to a standard Business Card, this option will make an impact while still delivering the feel of a traditional style. Maximise the amount of information you want to share with double-sided printing and deliver an impressive introduction with bold visuals and a crisp, sleek design. Matt, gloss or soft-touch velvet lamination are great for enhancing colour and adding durability, plus the tactile finish will let your prospects know that you mean business.  

Rounded Corner

For a stand-out touch, choose Rounded Corner Business Cards. Modern and memorable, this type is the same size as a standard Business Card at 85 x 55 mm but differs with its softer look. Available in various paper types, including silk, textured tweed and brown kraft, it gives you the perfect opportunity to play with the design and get creative.

Business card size comparison

Take a look at our Business Card sizes table and compare the different types to find the best one for you and your company.

Type Business Card size in mm Business Card size cm Business Card size in pixels at 300ppi
Standard 85 x 55 mm 8.5 x 5.5cm 1004 x 650px
Mini 85 x 25 mm 8.5 x 2.5cm 1004 x 295px
Square 55 x 55 mm 5.5 x 5.5cm 650 x 650px
American 89 x 51 mm 8.9 x 5.1cm 1051 x 602px
Long 90 x 55 mm 9.0 x 5.5cm 1063 x 650px


A well-designed Business Card can make all the difference when it comes to making new contacts and drumming up new business. Explore our range to decide which dimensions are best for you, and then download the relevant Business Card template to help you create your artwork. Once you’re ready, it’s easy to choose your printing options and send us your order. You can look forward to receiving your high-quality Business Cards soon after with free delivery to anywhere in the UK.


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