Awesome Paper Coffee Cup Art By Miguel Cardona

awesome paper coffee cup art - drawing of bane

It doesn’t matter if you order a latte or frappuccino, your take-away beverage will look stunning thanks to the incredible paper coffee cup art of Miguel Cardona…

Paper coffee cup art by Miguel Cardona

For over a year, San Francisco-based designer and illustrator Miguel Angel Cardona, Jr. has been sharing his awesome paper coffee cup doodles and artwork on Tumblr.

“It is getting to the point where if I don’t draw on a coffee cup on any given day, I cannot operate properly,” jokes Miguel. “I have been posting a lot of these and have been getting a pretty favourable response.”

“One of the big obstacles of living in a larger city is the amount of idle time you can encounter. Sitting on a train, waiting for a bus, in line for a meal, or even just waiting on friends… you have a lot of time to kill,” he continues. “I spend it best drawing on coffee cups. Cup drawing is a major stress relief for me. It has also allowed me to connect with a lot of people I might have never connected with.”

Paper Coffee Cup Art


Batman Bane paper coffee cup art


Batman coffee cup

Boba Fett

Star Wars Boba Fett coffee cup

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad coffee cup


Star Wars C-3PO coffee cup


Doctor Who Dalek coffee cup

Doctor Who – The TARDIS

Doctor Who TARDIS coffee cup


Elf coffee cup

Iron Man

Iron Man coffee cup


The Muppets Kermit coffee cup


Predator coffee cup

Star Wars Stormtrooper

Star Wars Stormtrooper coffee cup

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles coffee cup

Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor paper coffee cup art

Instagram Admiration

Here’s a brief snippet of what people are saying about these brilliant paper coffee cup art and illustrations on Instagram

“That’s so sick.” -Art_is_the_ambition

“This is a whole new level of awesome.” -Daftcain

“That’s insanely awesome.” -Ghostify

“OMG. I want this.” -Jerlynthomas

“That Turtles cup is really cool. It might make me want to actually start drinking coffee.” -Krob_photog

“Oh my gosh, this is so cool!” -Maddygiglio

“All of your stuff is awesome man!” -Pbarry91

“You gotta do a gallery show with these functional works of art.” -Roboticsclub

“That is beyond cool.” -Spylab

“Way too awesome.” -Supersweats


  1. Those are some of the coolest coffee cups I have ever seen! How amazing it must be to be able to draw so well.

  2. What a great obvious idea. We have all used cups without thinking of this great idea!
    What a great way to cheer you up. Just to look round and see what is on your cups makes an everyday occurrence now interesting and amusing.

  3. Love the drawing of Walt from Breaking Bad. They are amazing! Are they done from memory or from some image in a magazine or paper that Miguel’s reading that day?

  4. Fabulous stuff, although I think the sight of Predator first thing in the morning might do more to jump start my heart than the coffee!

  5. Cool stuff! Would be nice to see markers in coffeeshops by the sugar and cinnamon – for the designers who left them at home. 🙂


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