Awesome Star Wars Art Made From Thousands Of Staples

C-3PO Star Wars staple art

Even Darth Vader himself would find James Haggerty’s awesome staple art portraits of Star Wars characters to be impressive, most impressive…

James Haggerty is a painter, printmaker and mosaic artist from New York City who has chosen a most unusual medium for his utterly amazing Star Wars art – the humble staple. Each of his mosaics is meticulously constructed from tens of thousands of multi-coloured staples. The C-3PO portrait shown below, for example, consists of 33,580 staples! There’s no sign of R2-D2 or any Death Star space station(ery) action in James’ collection so far.


C-3PO Star Wars staple art

C-3PO Star Wars staple art close-up

Darth Vader

Darth Vader Star Wars staple art


Greedo Star Wars staple art

Have Your Say

On James Haggerty’s Facebook page, there has yet to be a single very bad feeling about this extraordinary use of the everyday staple.

“So good! Love it!” -David Gary

“These are awesome.” -Emily Knox

“Can’t believe it’s made out only of staples.” -Giznola Charlot

“Wow really great!” -Johann Lehner

“This is really cool, awesome idea and it turned out great.” -Philip Wethington

“Wow! What dedication! This is extraordinary!” -Rhea Kadlec

“Another amazing creation James. Seriously man, you like staples… you like them a lot.” -St Tierney

“Amazing.” -Tony Garcia



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