5 Awesome Toilet Paper Holder Designs

Space Invaders toilet paper holder

Just because you’ve blagged some cheap BOGOF bog roll* in a special offer at the local supermarket doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the design of your toilet paper holder too!

*For any overseas visitors to our blog, BOGOF is the British acronym for a Buy One, Get One Free sales promotion, bog roll is slang for toilet paper and blagged is another way of saying obtained. Got all that? Cushtie.

iCarta iPod toilet paper holder

iCarta iPod

Atech Flash Technology’s iCarta iPod toilet paper holder enables you to stream music from your iPod, iPhone, iPad or other mobile devices via Bluetooth. iCarta is a high-tech solution to the ageless problem of masking those embarrassing sounds of nature. Flushers and whistlers, let’s be honest about this, you’re fooling nobody.

Industrial steel pipe toilet paper holder

Industrial Steel Pipe Toilet Paper Holder

Bit of a Dragons’ Den TV set vibe to this industrial design by WestNinthVintage on Etsy. Not sure why you’d need to double up on the toilet rolls though?

Porcelain toilet roll holder

Porcelain Toilet Roll Holder

Sometimes the simplest designs are the best, as shown by THPG’s porcelain toilet roll holder that transforms the often fiddly task of replacing a used bog roll into an effortless operation. A case of clever, vorsprung ‘dump’ technik, engineering from Germany?

Robotan toilet paper holder


Japanese ceramics experts Airyusha produce this cute, cubed and colourful collection of toilet paper holders shaped like retro robot heads. We are bog, rather than borg.

Space Invaders toilet paper holder

Space Invaders

This 3D printed Space Invaders toilet paper holder is available to buy on the Etsy online store. Although the true gamer would probably insist on never leaving their console or computer for a bathroom break.



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