Classic Nintendo Games Recreated In Digital Papercraft

Metroid NES papercraft

NEStalgia is a series of gorgeous “digital papercraft” illustrations by Canadian artist Steph Caskenette, recreating magical moments from classic Nintendo video games like Metroid and Zelda. Each one is also available as a print from Steph’s Redbubble Store…

The Nintendo craze came late to UK gamers, thanks to the success of home-grown computers and games like the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Manic Miner and Elite. But the Japanese videogaming giant built their empire on the success of the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in Japan and the USA. Judging by Steph’s wonderful works of art, it looks like at least one Canadian can claim to be a little NEStalgic these days too.

See if you can guess which Nintendo game these “digital papercraft” illustrations are from? (Answers below the images.)


Contra NES digital papercraft


Kirby's Adventure NES papercraft


Mega Man NES papercraft


Metroid NES papercraft


Super Mario World digital papercraft


Zelda 2 NES papercraft

1. Contra 2. Kirby’s Adventure 3. Mega Man 4. Metroid 5. Super Mario World (available in another Nintendo papercraft collection by Steph) 6. Zelda 2

Papercraft Praise

Steph’s work has already attracted fans and favourable comments on Adobe’s Behance creative social network:

“Amazing.” -Derin Ciler

“Oh my god, very very nice.” -Jeferson Vicente

“Amazing work! The Metroid image is fantastic.” -Michal Balcerzak

“Incredible.” -Michael McKellar

“This is absolutely great! Love the Contra.” -Pawel Molas

“Fantastic work.” -Pedro Gaspar

“These are really great.” -Prince Shawn

“This would be a great for my mac’s desktop! Nicely done.” -Seth Hay

“Awesome work.” -Wilson Melo


  1. so much detail, incredible, really made me smile seeing this – so many happy memories fo a simpler time, lost hours n hours playing metroid , and im still a huuuuge fan of zelda to this day – waiting for next release! – incredible artwork


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