Doodle Artist October Jones Makes Good Use Of His Daily Commute

Funny image of Spider Man looking intrigued towards October Jones
"Oh God. I'm on the train. This guy just caught me taking a photo of him. How did he KNOW?!"

Is this not the best way to spend your commute to work? Sketch artist October Jones draws his fellow, unsuspecting commuters as superheroes and cartoons.

Who really enjoys their Monday morning commute to work? We are adoring October Jones‘ tweets. He’s spoiling us with sketches of inspiring drawings, humorous takes of unsuspecting commuters around him and all-round, general banter.

Funny sketch of Tickle Me Elmo's head against a real-life person on the train with arms folded.
“On the train home. Refused to tickle this guy and now things are awkward :(“
Funny sketch of Homor, from the Simpson's, face with drool on top of a real life guy who eating a sandwich on the train
“It’s wrong to post pictures of people eating on trains but LOOK AT THIS GUY.”
Funny drawing of Kenny from South Park appearing to 'hang' from a train carriage door button
“@Lise_79 @AntRDean Ah yes 🙂 THEY KILLED KENNY”
Funny written sticky note saying 'You No Touch This Sandwich' with a toy figurine Hulk seemingly guarding the sandwich.
“When I label my lunch at work I like to make sure my colleagues understand the seriousness of the situation.”
Clever sketch of an angry looking Mickey Mouse head reimposed on an unsuspecting commuter
“Howdy. I’m on a train. This guy caught me laughing at his squeaky voice.”
Funny sketch of Road Runner and Wile E Coyote
“I’m on the train. It’s nice to see that some things never change.”
Clever sketch of Hell Boy's face position to look like its the head a of a real person watching a programme on their iPad on the train.
“BEST THING about travelling by train: Sometimes you get to see famous people just chillaxing.”
Funny image of a guy wearing a green puffer jacket on his iPhone and October Jones has put a Hulk head on top.
Funny, serious-looking photo of Batman's head put on top of an average commuter's
Funny image of Spider Man looking intrigued towards October Jones
“Oh God. I’m on the train. This guy just caught me taking a photo of him. How did he KNOW?!”
Funny sketch of Tom's head placed on an unsuspecting commuter on the train with a sticky note of Jerry hiding.
“On train. I think something’s about to kick off…”
Funny sketch of a miserable cartoon on top of a old commuter on the train to work.
“Dude c’mon. You knew Danger Mouse wasn’t going to last forever.”
October Jones shames whistling commuter on Monday morning train with funny sketch
“Monday morning. On train. This guys keeps whistling. Annoying.”
Funny sketch of an Ewok's face on a businessman commuting to work with a high expression.
“I’m on the train. This Ewok looks high.”
Funny sketch of Kermit The Frog smiling and looking really happy superimposed onto a real life person's head on the train to work looking at his iPad wearing a green polo.
“Thursday. On train. Hi-Ho everybody!”
Funny drawing of ET looking a little angry and frustrated against a real life commuter sitting in the quiet zone on his phone on the train to work
“On train. Found seat. I just told this guy off for using his phone in the Quiet ~one. I don’t care who he’s phoning.”
Funny sketch of Wally's head put on a guy wearing a red and white striped shirt on the commute to work looking at an essay.
“I’m on the train playing ‘Where’s Wally?’. AH-HA!
Funny sketch of a gangster cat put on top of a miserable-appearing commuter with their arms folded
“On train with Notorious C.A.T. Word Up.”
Funny sketch of a grizzly bear's face with arms folded on the train to work
“It’s Monday morning. I am on the train. This guy looks like poo.”
Funny sketch of the Pringles guy drawn onto a sticker and put put on a businessman's body on the train to work
“On train. Guy sitting opposite me looks familiar. Think I’ve seen him on the tube.”
Funny sketch of a duck's face set to the side as if it had been shot. October Jones has put the sticky note drawing on a commuter's body on the train
“On train. Guy sitting opposite looks like he’s been shot in the face.”


  1. Very imaginative and Im sure it passed the time brilliantly! I liek the way he has blended the coats into the picture – especially the Hulk one!


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