Flying Mouse Shows Superheroes In Their Part Time Jobs

Flying Mouse Superheroes

Flying Mouse, real name Chow Hon Lam is an artist, illustrator and T-shirt designer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Flying Mouse Superheroes

For Chow, a t-shirt is his blank canvas with a whole world of stories that can be told. Believing that each of his designs has something to say, he has clearly said a lot, almost 100,000 people have purchased a t-shirt with one of his designs. As well as work for the likes of Nike, AirAsia Airlines, Lotus F1 and Martell VSOP, he works on his own designs, often inspired by popular culture.

Flying Mouse Superheroes

In 2010, Chow embarked on a new project ‘Flying Mouse 365’, this project challenged him to create a new piece of artwork every day for a whole year. During this time, in a bid to stay completely committed to the challenge, he rejected all job offers and commissions in order to focus on a new piece of work from original idea and the completed drawing in 24 hours, a huge challenge for any talented designer. The entire project took a fine blend of creativity, skill and dedication in order to complete it.

Flying Mouse Superheroes

In 2013, Chow asked the question that has been on the minds of all comic book fans at some point in time, what do superheroes do when they are not saving the world? The ‘Part Time Job’ project initially started with 6 superheroes but quickly grew after a great response from audiences, there is a lot more these heroes can do as well as save the world.

Flying Mouse Superheroes

More of Chow’s incredible design work can be found at his website here.

Flying Mouse Superheroes

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