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Beer Design Beavertown

In recent years the UK has seen a growing trend in Craft Beer drinking, here is our take on the new designs and branding we’ve seen as a result.

In the 1990s Britain was very much the dark ages for fans of beer and the market was dominated with ‘quality’ Lagers. The ‘quality’ aspect however, came from the consistency when keeping an imported Pilsner in a pressurised keg. The problem with this highly consistent new trend to make life easier for the average publican is that charm or shall we say, ‘flexibility of mind’ was lost as a compromise. This then led to the market being dominated with brewing Goliaths selling their wears with corporate sponsorship and an interest on chasing the elevation of the black line rather than something scintillating for the taste buds.

BrewDog Design Rebillion

Following the economic downturn of 2008 and pubs being closed at an alarming rate, there has been somewhat of a change in the weather with regards to the nation’s drinking habits and as a result, in 2015 there are now as many small breweries in the UK was we had at the start of the second world war. The difference is, our tastes are moving away from the European dominated brewing giants and towards the more humble and surprisingly modest American craft beer style.

We are going to look at four different breweries and we’ll see that the world of craft beer is certainly one which leans towards the left-field, artistic way of thinking and trends of a certain lo-fi edginess that give connotations of creative flair involved in the brewing process. Aimed very much at the mid-Twenties to Thirties demographic, the country is witnessing a spike in popularity for home grown Ales and the trend of the over-hopped taste explosion from the American, ‘artisan’ or ‘craft’ beer. Of course, every action has a reaction, let’s take a look at the knock on effect this has had on the world of design.

Beer Design Camden Town

Camden Town Brewery

Camden Town Brewery, based in… You guessed it… started in 2010 and focused on a quality lager to buck the trend from the multinationals and did just that with their flat design branding. Ornamental elements just get in the way and the bold and contrasting colours make their keg tap stand out from the sea of familiar names and logos.

Beer Design BrewDog


Hailing from Aberdeenshire, BrewDog started in 2007 with two friends and an idea, an idea to redefine the UK beer scene. Both only 24 at the time, James and Martin leased a building, got some scary bank loans and spent all their money on stainless steel. Based on a Punk ethic with their first ‘hit beer’ being Punk IPA, BrewDog also pinned their colours strongly to the flat design flag. With the added grunge, DIY looking distorted elements for good measure.

Beer Design YeastieBoys

The Yeastie Boys

True outsiders all the way from New Zealand. The Yeastie Boys, founded in 2008, they have their logo modelled loosely on the Beastie cousins combined with elements of freestyle, line drawn psychedelia coming from the underground side of comic illustration.

Beer Design Beavertown


Last but not least… Our dear friends and valued customers, Beavertown Brewery were founded in late 2011 by Logan Plant (yes, son of the rock & roll legend) their branding shows their dazzling creativity and truly inspired style, reflecting on the crisp artisan beer they produce. Beavertown have encapsulated the gritty, hand-drawn, skeleton inspired iconography of skiffle and surf rock and mixed it with space-age psychedelic, comic book style to draw some mad scientist connotations into the hop choice and brewing process.



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