Halloween Papercraft Video Tutorial: The Soloweenies

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Hello and welcome to this special Halloween Papercraft Video Tutorial, brought to you by Solopress. In our easy-to-follow tutorial, we are going to show you how to create cute little papercraft water bombs for Halloween. Or as we like to call them here at Solopress HQ – The Soloweenies!

Video Tutorial Instructions:

To begin, download and print one of our spooky Soloweenie character templates. The links for these PDF templates are provided below:

Happy Halloween





Firstly, cut out the design, so you are left with a square.

Fold the paper in half horizontally and then vertically. Flip the paper over and make a diagonal fold, and then do the same on the other side, so your paper looks like this.

Turn the paper 90 degrees, allowing the ‘face’ of the design to be on the right hand side.

Fold in the horizontal and vertical lines, and allow the paper to collapse. This will end up with a folded triangle that looks like this.

If you lift up this section you should see the character’s face, (lift up section). Now fold each of the four corners towards the top of the triangle. Now turn the paper over and do the same as the fold on the other two corners.

We now have a diamond shape. Fold the vertical corners to the centre as follows. Repeat this process on the other side.

Now find the two flaps at the bottom and fold the flap diagonally towards the previous fold as shown. Now copy this for all for flaps.

Once all four folds have been made, again fold the flap to make a small triangle. This small flap will now be folded into this pocket. Open up the pocket and insert the small triangle into the pocket. Make sure it is all tucked in and folded down. Repeat this process for the other flaps.

Finally, release and adjust the paper as shown. At one end of the paper is a small hole, you are now going to blow into the hole to expand the character.

You have now made a Soloweenie!

Zombie Soloweenie Halloween papercraft photo

Wishing you a fun and spooktacular Halloween from everyone at Solopress!


  1. A total surprise to find something like this here. I can’t wait to make these with my kids, who will LOVE them. This is going to make Halloween so much fun!!!!!!!

  2. This video Tutorial was so easy to follow,even for me,and Im not very arty!Have never made anything like this before,so my lovely grandkids will be wll chuffed!Thanks all!!


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