Hilary Devey vs Lord Sugar: Business Is War On TV

Sugar vs Hilary

Celebrity entrepreneur Hilary Devey fronts a new business reality TV show on Channel 4 tonight. Will The Intern manage to beat off stiff competition from Lord Sugar and The Apprentice?

They’re flamboyant, outspoken and fearless self-made British millionaires. Hilary Devey, formerly of BBC2’s Dragons’ Den, is now going head-to-head with Lord Sugar to grab the TV limelight and ratings. Like The Apprentice before it, The Intern is one of the world’s most challenging job interviews this side of being hired as Kim Jong-un’s PR spin doctor. Better still, the applicants’ bragging, blunders and blame games in every episode are there to be enjoyed by millions of us watching, and laughing hysterically, at home.

So, who out of this dynamic duo of wheeler dealers can claim to be Britain’s biggest business brain? There’s only one way to find out… let’s Google it!

hilary devey lord shugs
Hilary Devey VS Lord Sugar
Age 56 66
Born 10th March 1957 – Bolton, Lancashire 24th March 1947 – Hackney, East London
Other celebrities associated with their birth place
  • Amir Khan
  • Fred Dibnah
  • Peter Kay
  • Sara Cox
  • Vernon Kay
  • Edgar Allan Poe
  • Jeremy Beadle
  • Leona Lewis
  • Michael Caine
  • Ronald and Reginald Kray
Star sign Pisces Aries
Star sign traits Openhearted, intuitive and creative. Relies on instincts rather than facts or logic Bold, impatient and fiery. An absolute leader of the pack
Biggest business success Pall-Ex Amstrad
Estimated net worth £50 Million £770 Million
OMG Hilary suffered a stroke in 2009 acter having a ‘tummy tuck’ operation. Sir Alan predicted that the iPod would be “dead, finished, gone, kaput” by Christmas 2005.
Number of Twitter followers 62,837


Best one-liner “I don’t do bullsh*t.” “I’ve read all your CVs and on paper you all look good, but so does fish and chips.”
As seen on YouTube Vikki Stone as Hilary Devey on That Sunday Night Show Lord Alan Sugar Rap

The Intern

It’s never been harder for young people to kickstart their career than right now. It’s tough times for everybody during a recession that just refuses to go away, particularly for those first-time jobseekers who think they lack the experience or lucky breaks to get their foot in the door. There’s a scary one million 18-24 year olds currently without a job in the UK. That’s where Channel 4’s latest television show hopes to help. The first episode of The Intern, due to be broadcast at 9pm tonight, will see three young people – Georgia (22), Princess (21) and Taelre (18) – try to secure a job at Red Carnation Collection, one of Britain’s top hotel chains.

However, they aren’t the irritating over-achievers who we’ve all become accustomed to seeing in every series of The Young Apprentice. Hilary’s disheartened young hopefuls usually don’t even make it through to the first interview stage due to their CV or background. These three interns now have a chance to make their mark in the job market, but they only have one week to prove their worth. Will they be able to cope with the exacting demands of posh hotel guests while suitably impressing their new employer?

“There are a lot of bright young people out there in dead end jobs, going no-where who think they have no future in this country,” says Hilary Devey. ”We are wasting so much talent.”

Harlequin Mills and Boon (Publishing), Manhattan Loft Corporation (Property), My Wardrobe.com (Fashion Retail) and TBWA (Advertising) will be the companies featured in other episodes of The Intern. Hopefully the series will provide inspiration and encouragement to other young people looking for work.

This YouTube trailer explains how real internships work at Channel 4 itself:

And here’s a bit of interesting trivia for you. The Apprentice, Young Apprentice and The Intern are actually made by the same TV production company! Boundless, FremantleMedia UK’s factual label, also makes Grand Designs and Escape to the Country.

Show Business

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  1. Somehow this show has completely failed to register on my radar. It will be interesting to see how the participants fare. The apprentice was good in the early days. However I feel it is now as manufactured as any Simon Cowell backed talent show. Just like a sausage machine for popsters.

  2. Its nice to see normal people getting an opportunity for a change, I do love the apprentice although usually more to laugh at the candidates lack of common sense than to support them. Hilary Devey will never be Alan Sugar but in the meantime if she can give opportunities to young people who would otherwise never get them then it can only be a good thing

  3. I do enjoy watching Apprentice but it is fantastic to have a strong, independent woman such as Hilary Devay on television as a role-model for young women. Even though we live in a democratic, ‘equal’ country it is surprising that women are still waiting for equality in the work-place especially in top-jobs. Will be tuning in to watch for sure!

  4. Personally as much as I cannot stand Lord Sugar he is my winner. Apart from being a slightly biased Aries myself he has a lot of leadership experience, on the other hand often the heart and intuition plays a role in choosing perfect people in this game. In a way, glad there is the balance of headstrong Aries and more peaceful caring Pisces.


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