“IHeart” Canadian Street Art

nobody likes me was painted in Stanley Park, Vancouver and was shared online by Banksy

As it’s Canada Day, Solopress’ “resident Canadian” is keen to share some of the amazing street art currently popping up around Vancouver. Artist IHeart is generating significant buzz and has even received some support from the legendary Banksy.

iheart street art punks in vancouver

One example of IHeart’s work on the streets of Vancouver.

Endorsed By Banksy

Comparisons have been drawn between IHeart and the mysterious Banksy, whose work has made appearances frequently in the UK, then around the world and is now featured in television, film and books.  Recently, IHeart received an endorsement from the Bristol-born artist, through his Facebook page. The post promoting his piece “Nobody Likes Me” has now been shared over 10,000 times. nobody likes me was painted in Stanley Park, Vancouver and was shared online by Banksy

“Nobody Likes Me” was the IHeart piece that caught Banksy’s eye.

A Boy With Ideas

IHeart, who, given the nature of what he does maintains a persona as secretive as Banksy’s, claims he is “just a boy with ideas, opinions and a whole lot of aerosol.” It’s quickly apparently that he shares his strong opinions on society and social commentary through his art. iheart stencilling on the streets of Vancouver

Just keeping walking – on the streets of Vancouver. 

I Spy IHeart In Vancouver

This Canada Day, while many are celebrating with fireworks and a few beers, others will prefer an alternative activity. For those in Vancouver,  the holiday could be spent keeping a lookout for the latest IHeart creations around the city.


  1. Hi Dani, helpful article lady. Guess it wouldn’t be sooo odd if we were Banksy’s summer home…ha! Van is funny that way. And that’s another story. I think you look familiar…from my shop Dream? Say hi when you are home sometime!

    • Hi Wendy, thank you for your comment! I will make sure to visit your fabulous shop next time I’m home for a visit in Vancouver!

  2. hmmm is IHeart actually a new incarnation/nom de plume of Banksy? His work is remarkably familiar and there was some speculation about Mr Brainwash as well, being of the same genre and after the documentary. Call me cynical but I think it is!

    • Interesting idea, but I don’t think IHeart and Banksy are one and the same. I’m the Solopress team member originally from Vancouver, Canada and that is where IHeart is from – he is known to an extent in the community and even drops off print versions of his art for people. Their work is quite similar, though!

  3. IHeart is a very talented chap, I would love to see some of this street art pop up in the UK. All the pieces are excellent.


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