Elaborate And Unusual iPhone Case Designs

hello kitty and tokidoki iphone case designs

Are you eagerly awaiting the latest Apple announcement this afternoon?

If you’re one of many people anticipating the release of the iPhone 6, you might already be thinking about what style of case you’ll want to protect it. As much as covers and cases are designed to keep your smartphone safe, they’re also a fashion accessory and statement of your personality. These eight iPhone case designs definitely make that statement – from the luxurious to the downright strange, they’re anything but boring.

The Japanese Isopod

Creepy or cute? There are people firmly on both sides of the fence about Isopods, but those who like them have become fans of this iPhone case, made popular in Japan. The only possible downside? When held to your ear, it looks like a large crustacean is eating your face.

isopod iphone case designs

The Steampunk Case

For those who like to mix up their new tech with something a little more old-school, this steampunk inspired case full of sprockets and cogs is a big hit. It might leave rust marks on the inside of your pocket, though.

steampunk iphone case designs

The Cuddly Teddy Bear

Undeniably adorable, this cuddly case is ideal for those who tend to fall asleep with their phone still in hand. However, the stuffed animal exterior might make your ringtone a little difficult to hear.

teddy bear iphone case designs

The Hello Kitty And Tokidoki Mashup

This cute case will catch the eye of anyone who loves the “kawaii” trend. Decorated in a dekoden style (translation: highly elaborate, with base features akin to whipped cream) it’s appealing both to Hello Kitty fans and those who like the Tokidoki brand.

hello kitty and tokidoki iphone case designs

The Chanel No. 5 Perfume Bottle

Want to disguise your phone as something else entirely? How about a classic bottle of Chanel No. 5? These perfume bottle shaped iPhone case designs even feature a chain strap so you can hang your phone over your shoulder.

chanel number 5 iphone case designs

The Fake Hand Case

If you’d rather hold hands than hold a phone, this wacky case might be for you. A super realistic hand is attached to the back of the case, so when you pick up your phone it’ll feel more like you’re holding hands with another person. We’re not quite sure how we feel about that.

fake hand iphone case designs

The 14 Carat Gold Case

Miansai, a Miami-based accessories brand, has created the perfect case for those who like a sleek look and have a virtually unlimited budget. Crafted from 14 carat solid gold, just think of it as a gold bar to encase your iPhone in.

solid gold iphone case designs

The Swarovski Crystal Case

Warning: this case may blind you. Decorated with infinite Swarovski crystals and accompanying bling, it’s great for those who would rather their phone be fashionable than functional. As gorgeous as this high-end case is, it can’t be terrible comfortable to hold during long calls.

swarovski crystal iphone case designs


  1. It’s incredible that even in such a short space of time, mobile phone technology has advanced to us being able to run most of our life from it. Now, not only are we chasing after the latest mobile technology, but pairing this off with equally lavish and advanced casing. Although, it sure is needed now compared to the mobile bricks which bounced when dropped and there was no need for a screen protector, when it was barely bigger than a large first class stamp. I think now it’s fun to see peoples personalities shine from their mobile cover. Love the bling, love the Chanel example, the rest to me are a little weird, but I’m sure there are lovers of these designs out there somewhere!

  2. I dont have an iPhone of any number, but if I did, I wouldnt choose the Japanese isopod; its scary! Love the Chanel No.5 phone, though!


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