Leaf Art By Roy Mallari Leaves A Lasting Impression

WWF leaf art

Philippines artist Roy Mallari always leaves a lasting impression on Instagram with his highly creative leaf art made from avocado leaves and paper glue…

Eiffel Tower leaf artEiffel Tower

Instagram leafInstagram

Leaf Art by Roy MallariLeaf Art

Little Mermaid leavesLittle Mermaid

Snoopy leavesSnoopy

Starbucks leavesStarbucks

Tinker Bell leavesTinker Bell

World Cup 2014 leavesWorld Cup 2014

WWF leaf artWWF

Have Your Say

Here’s what people are saying out these leafy illustrations on Instagram:

“Love these! Very creative and the leaves work so perfectly.” -Ericeugenius

“OMG! I really love it.” -Helen Angelia

“So creative.” -Jessica Lemaitre

“Cool and funny.” -Kvl4im

“Excellent idea.” -Marie Casabonne

“Wow. Always amazing. Keep up the good work.” -Rawan Ya

“I love Snoopy!” -Sofia Xris

“Haha. Clever.” -Wahjoehidajat


  1. Roy’s leaf art is amazing, I have never seen anything like that before! Fabulous that it originates from a natural source and he must have a lot of patience!!


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