Lego Fusion: Bridge The Virtual/Physical Play Gap

lego fusion tower

Kids these days (big or small) have so many options when it comes to toys, and with the plethora of video games and computer gadgets available it’s no wonder more traditional toys are going by the wayside. Lego remains as hot as ever, though, and the Danish building blocks company is ensuring they keep up with the times by creating play sets that can interact with smartphone and tablet apps. Enter, the revolutionary Lego Fusion

Amazing Lego Fusion resort designer blocks and game

Analog To Digital

Lego Fusion game sets combine the best of both worlds – imaginative real world play and exciting virtual play – for a combination that attracts and inspires a wide variety of children. There are four different sets, and each box features 200+ blocks that can be used to make a variety of creations with only two “rules.”

1. They must be built onto the Fusion Capture Plate

2. They must contain a door

Lego Fusion create a house

Virtual Worlds

Once creations are made using the physical bricks, the Lego Fusion app, available for Android and iOS, can be used to captured an image of it via the camera. That image will then form the basis of four different types of game play. The amazing app takes the build and makes it interactive, ideally on a tablet. Games include Town Master, Battle Towers, Create and Race and Resort Designer. Each game is designed to appeal to a broad range of kids in four major styles of gaming: virtual towns, interiors (think “Sims”), car racing and adventuring. Designs can even be shared within the Lego Fusion online community.

lego fusion racer game

Best Of Both

Kids are inundated with toys, games and electronics to the point that something needs to be considerably unique to stand out. Lego Fusion is a great blend of that, appealing to those who like making things and those more inclined to spend their play time on the computer. With this invention, fantasy, interaction and action – both real and virtual – are rolled into one.


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