Logo Stealers Beware! LogoThief Will Catch You Out

Collage of 3 different logos from LogoThief

LogoThief is a new website dedicated to revealing the plagiarism and theft in today’s logo design community…

What’s the downside of online graphic design marketplaces like 99designs? It’s the staggering amount of plagiarism and outright theft that some devious, lazy or talentless designers will resort to in order to win a commission.

This, I’m happy to report, is all about to change. LogoThief is a new website that will name and shame logo thieves, and all others who plagiarise the creative work of logo designers.

“We started this website because we are sick of seeing our own work and the work of our peers ripped off by unscrupulous designers in an effort to make a quick buck,” say the LogoThief crew. “Hopefully by documenting each case in a public place we can make it less attractive for these thieves to steal others work.”

Three LogoThief Examples

Coming across as a CSi for CMYK fans, each LogoThief case has a full visual breakdown of where the dodgy logo design was originally stolen from.

Interestingly enough, at the time of writing, none of the three accused LogoThieves featured below have commented on the LogoThief posts.

LogoThief: Amate (Russia)

Logothief Amate

LogoThief have dubbed this a ‘double whammy’, as St. Petersburg beauty spa Amate have mashed two logos together to create their logo. The outer border of the logo belongs to the logo concept by Deividas Bielskis, while the tree motif is a direct lift of Sean Farrell’s Mangrove logo.

LogoThief: Epic Nation Apparel (Kenya)

LogoThief Epic Nation Apparel

Kenyan street wear brand Epic Nation Apparel have misappropriated the EZ logo made by graphic designer Roy Smith.

LogoThief: InBrand (Columbia)

Logothief Inbrand original

Graphic designer Amir Karahasan believes his Tea Garden logo concept has been copied by Colombian brand agency InBrand for their client, Milagros Urbanos.

Negative Space

If YOU have spotted a logo design that’s (un)worthy of the LogoThief treatment, please e-mail gotcha@logothief.com with all the details.


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