Paper Cave Created By Japanese Architect

Paper Cave by Kotaro Horiuchi

Award winning Japanese architect Kotaro Horiuchi has created this amazing, ethereal paper cave for his architecture studio in Nagoya…

Paper Cave by Kotaro Horiuchi

Winner of the DSA Design Golden Prize Award 2014 in Japan, Kotaro Horiuchi’s ”Fusionner 2.0” – Paper Cave project has taken papercraft to a whole new level of beauty and elegance.

Inspired by fusionner, a French word meaning to merge, the paper cave is designed to be a meeting place, lounge and work area for the office. With its soft lighting, time seems to slow down to a crawl as soon as you step into this extraordinary space.

Papers hang side-by-side to create the cave’s curved surface, and a long table made of artificial marble forms the central feature to complete the look and feel of this unusual room.

Horiuchi-san’s Paper Cave has a dreamlike, otherworldly appearance. It could quite easily be mistaken as the movie set of a sci-fi epic like Alien or Superman’s home planet of Krypton.

The Air House, another one of the ”Fusionner” installations by Kotaro Horiuchi Architecture, is made from thin white layers of paper that fluidly float in the air. Overall, Paper Cave is a truly stunning piece of work by a talented architect whose clients include the Dublin Central Library, Oslo Memorial Park and Un Mur boutique in Tokyo.

Table and wall displays

Close-up of the Paper Cave

Close-up of table - with blue lighting

People in Paper Cave help show its size

Using the Paper Cave to enjoy dinner or lunch



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