Fantastic Single Line Artwork by Quibe

Quibe Spiderman Single Line Drawing

Christophe Louis Quibe or ‘Quibe’ describes his work as minimal experimentations, his artwork and drawings are based around contours and capturing the essence of the subject using a mixture of outlines and internal shapes. The drawings are completed in their entirety without lifting the pen from the page.

Quibe Joker Single Line Drawing

One Liner

It is a style that has been popular for those learning the basics and is encouraged as a creative way to practise in sketchbooks. The method of drawing helps to build confidence and greatly increase drawing speed. It is also a great way to encourage co-ordination to help eyes and hands work more productively with the brain. Not only is it a way to mature core artistic skills, it incites the need for unbroken concentration to switch off the part of the mind thinking about other things.

Quibe Spiderman Single Line Drawing

Highly Skilled

The single line drawing was a style that world-renowned artist, Pablo Picasso returned to in his later years. The simple yet highly powerful drawings have remained to this day amongst his most popular works. The influence of the primitive art present in the early 20th century was something that Picasso was looking back on, he often worked in reverse with the idea and would take a highly detailed and ‘finished’ piece and re-draw it over and over, abstracting layers of complexities as he went along until it was reduced to a single line.

Quibe Darth Vader Single Line Drawing

The simplicity and vitality engraved into Picasso’s line drawings could explain the constant admiration that has followed them for all this time. At a quick glance it is easy to think that anybody could easily reproduce these drawings but to use so little details to express so much is far more challenging than it would appear and is testament to real artistic talent.

Quibe Batman Single Line Drawing

More of Quibe’s brilliant work can be seen at Society6 or his website here.


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