Solopress Design Weekly – Cadbury win battle for Pantone purple against Nestlé

Cadbury Pantone purple colour packaging in Solopress Printing and Design blog

Our Top 10 round-up of this week’s cool stuff for graphic designers includes details of Coca-Cola’s logo contest and a review of Quark’s new design app for the iPad.

1. Art & Sole tutorial | Paper template for Nike Cortez trainers

“Offering our readers the chance to make their very own paper Cortez by simply downloading this (free) template…”

Nike Cortez trainers paper template tutorial in Solopress Printing and Design blog

2. Brand Republic news | Cadbury wins battle for Pantone purple colour against Nestlé

“Cadbury has won the right to prevent other chocolate makers using its shade of purple in their packaging…”

Cadbury Pantone purple colour packaging in Solopress Printing and Design blog

3. Computer Arts tutorial | How to create a perfectly aligned typographic poster using the column-grid system

“How to create posters with perfectly aligned typography using a column-grid system for guidance…”

Typographic poster tutorial in Solopress Printing and Design blog

4. Creative Bloq competition news | Coca-Cola wants YOU to redesign its classic logo

“One of the world’s best known brands wants your help updating its image…”

Coke redesign logo compeition in Solopress Printing and Design blog

5. Creative Bloq feature | 10 awesome examples of brochure design

“A showcase of 10 brilliant brochure designs to spark your creativity…”

10 awesome examples of brochure design in Solopress Printing blog

6. Creative Bloq feature | 20 great examples of print in 3D

“Print in 3D puts the power to create in the hands of ordinary people…”

20 great examples of 3D print in Solopress Printing and Design blog

7. Creative Bloq review | Quark DesignPad – new layout creation tool for the iPad

“This new app from the makers of QuarkXpress promises to turn the iPad into a serious design tool…”

Quark DesignPad app for iPad in Solopress Printing and Design blog

8. Creative Bloq tips | 10 hints for kawaii character design

“These great tips will help you to incorporate kawaii style into your own creative work…”

Kawaii character design tips in Solopress Printing blog

9. Creative Review news | Polish film and theatre posters from the 1960s and 1970s

“What typically makes Polish film and theatre posters of this time so distinctive is an avoidance of recognisable visual references from many of the films in question…”

Polish movie posters design from 1960s and 1970s in Solopress Printing blog

10. Design Week news | The Art of Punk exhibition in London

“Punk graphics are having something of a grubby renaissance this autumn…”

The Art of Punk exhibition and book in Solopress Printing and Design blog

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  1. i really love the idea of those 3D prints they are totally amazing. Really good read can’t believe that cadbury own the colour purple lol

  2. Hi there, I am wondering what your tips are on archival printing for making art prints to sell. There are so many options and the prices vary quite a bit. Have you come across a type of quality, fine art printing that is cost effective and a great all-round choice? Also, what is the ultimate price I should pay for say a 12″ x 17″ in that style? Any ideas or comments would be much appreciated as I am currently looking for a printing solution for a body of work to be implemented asap : )

  3. I cannot believe that Cadbury can copyright a colour. I know it’s only for other chocolate brands but it still seems very bizarre. Is this something to do with Nestle’s purple Quality Street? Because that’s a fairly iconic chocolate in its iwn right, and has been around for yonks!

  4. I’m looking forward to seeing the Art of Punk exhibition. It’ll be great to see some of those iconic images, bearing in mind they were made with few of the tools available to graphic designers now.


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