Entrepreneur Barbie Joins LinkedIn

Entrepreneur Barbie joins LinkedIn

Since she entered the job market in 1959, Barbie has held over 150 careers. While her detractors may say this hints at a lack of commitment, we feel that Miss Roberts has just been keen to experience all the world has to offer.

Now Entrepreneur Barbie has joined LinkedIn, where she’s put her CV on display and is using her fame and professional skills to connect with female business leaders and encourage young women to follow their dreams.

Entrepreneur Barbie joins LinkedIn to inspire young business women

Entrepreneur Barbie – #Unapologetic

Barbie makes no excuses for her varied career, stating that despite her many jobs her true calling has always been to encourage generations of girls to place no limitations on their ambitions.

Here are a few of the positions she’s held since 1959, including her own humorous take on each of them:

  • Sweets Chef “the secret is always plastic”
  • Art Teacher “taught passionately, avoided kilns”
  • Computer Engineer “systems may crash, I do not”
  • NASCAR Driver “glam has never moved so fast”
  • Astronaut “silly humans, dolls don’t need oxygen”

As you can see by viewing her extensive CV, her skills include speaking more than 30 languages, keeping a straight faces and baking cakes without fire. It’s also evident that as much of a hit as Entrepreneur Barbie may be, her marketing team are brilliant.

Entrepreneur Barbie in a business meeting

The Dream Incubator

In her new, entrepreneurial persona, Barbie has joined LinkedIn and teamed up with leading women business leaders, including Jenny Fleiss from Rent The Runway and Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code.

With them acting as her Chief Inspiration Officers and Barbie as “Dream Incubator”, she’s inspiring girls to think big, highlighting businesses and groups created by women and offering practical career advice.

Entrepreneur Barbie at the LinkedIn Cafe

As a seasoned consultant, Entrepreneur Barbie has already gained well over 2000 followers on LinkedIn, to add to her impressive Twitter and Facebook following. Her career tips on the business-focused social media site include:

  • “don’t let anyone put you in a box”
  • “the right attitude will take you anywhere”
  • “be a mentor to a little one this weekend”

Barbie In Times Square

Such is her success that Entrepreneur Barbie has even been honoured with a giant billboard in New York City’s bustling Times Square. Now that’s something few of us can say we’ve experienced upon landing a new job!

Entrepreneur Barbie in Times Square New York City

Inspiring Girls

Despite some still pointing out hers flaws or criticising the impression they believe she makes on young girls, there is no doubt that Barbie is experienced renewed popularity. Her brand continues to be relevant for 2014 and beyond.

In fact, many parents are commenting on how much they loved Barbie growing up, and how the business-like iteration of the doll is encouraging their daughters, such as Bianca, who wants to be a scientist.

Barbie inspires Bianca the young scientist Solopress

Dream It, Be It

Whatever young girls dream of becoming when they grow up, it’s hoped that with this creative campaign, Entrepreneur Barbie will inspire them to follow their dreams and do what they love. Be it astronaut, chef or zoologist, this little doll shows that our possibilities are only limited by our imaginations and determination.

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