Exploring Europe’s part-time paradises: unveiling the best cities for flexible work

Best European Cities for Part-time Work

Ideas about how and when we work have undergone huge changes in recent years— and that evolution looks set to continue. Flexible working arrangements are shifting from a perk to an expectation, and employers seeking to recruit from the broadest pool of talent and experience are recognising this shift.

At Solopress, we also understand the growing appeal of part-time work for employees seeking a better work-life balance or to develop portmanteau careers and side hustles. That’s why we embarked on a comprehensive study to discover the best European cities for part-time workers.

Our research meticulously analysed various metrics, including the number of part-time jobs, average salaries, cost of utilities and monthly transport , and rent prices, across popular European cities. This article aims to guide those seeking the ideal location for part-time work, whether it’s for a seasonal boost or a long-term lifestyle choice.

The Best Cities for part-time workers

Our top ten list, derived from rigorous data analysis, reveals the leading European cities for part-time work. Perhaps unexpectedly, Albania’s capital Tirana stands out, not just for its abundance of part-time roles, but also for its commendable cost of living prices.. In fact, the Balkan nations dominate our top ten, due to low living costs and high job availability.

Tirana - best city for part-time workers
Albania’s capital Tirana comes top

The best European cities for part-time workers 

Rank City Country No. of part time jobs Average salary Price of utilities Monthly transport pass Average rent
1 Tirana Albania 71 £486.02 £83.47 £14.26 £419.52
2 Sofia Bulgaria 49 £985.48 £106.23 £23.79 £416.52
3 Bucharest Romania 134 £859.05 £117.25 £14.99 £441.84
4 Skopje North Macedonia 10 £470.70 £113.98 £22.75 £254.92
5 Helsinki Finland 110 £2,663.90 £87.31 £65.44 £842.80
6 Podgorica Montenegro 4 £624.97 £89.88 £28.05 £426.36
7 Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina 20 £624.84 £139.03 £25.14 £248.56
8 Luxembourg Luxembourg 81 £3,929.34 £192.32 £0.00 £1,426.97
9 Madrid Spain 1,197 £2,115.43 £108.01 £37.22 £915.66
10 Budapest Hungary 160 £975.98 £129.57 £23.37 £519.57


The European cities that pay the most for part-time work

It’s not just about the quantity of jobs; quality and remuneration matter too! Our research uncovers cities where part-time work pays handsomely. Top marks to Bern in Switzerland, where earnings tower like the Alps over its nearest competitors!

Top earning part-time roles in Bern
Money to Bern: when it comes to part-time work, the Swiss bank the most

The European cities that pay the most for part-time work

City Country Average salary
Bern Switzerland £5,483.23
Luxembourg Luxembourg £3,929.34
London United Kingdom £3,352.03
Amsterdam Netherlands £3,243.76
Berlin Germany £3,196.84


The cheapest cities to live in Europe

Affordability is key for many part-time workers. This section highlights the top five most affordable European cities, evaluating factors like utility costs, transport expenses, and price of average rent. Again, the Balkan Peninsula is a great place to head when prioritising a low-cost lifestyle.

Low rents for part-timers in Skopje
Skopje in Macedonia boasts the lowest rents for part-time workers

The cheapest cities to live in Europe

City Country Utilities  Monthly transport pass  Average rent 
Tirana Albania £83.47 £14.26 £419.52
Skopje North Macedonia £113.98 £22.75 £254.92
Podgorica Montenegro £89.88 £28.05 £426.36
Sofia Bulgaria £106.23 £23.79 £416.52
Bucharest Romania £117.25 £14.99 £441.84

Part-time work: your flexible friend

Whether you want to see more of the world, or more of your kids, part-time work is a fantastic option, and one that’s becoming increasingly available. With both employers and employees embracing the benefits, there’s never been a better time to find a role that leaves you more time to explore a life outside of the nine-to-five.

Methodology & sources

For this study, an index methodology was used, investigating the following metrics for popular European cities:

  • Number of part-time jobs available – LinkedIn Jobs – filter by: ‘part time’ roles only, location – from seed list, exact location only, total no. of roles per city.
  • Average salary – Numbeo – average monthly net salary (after tax) per city
  • Cost of utilities – Numbeo – price rankings by city of basic utilities (electricity, heating, cooling, water) in an apartment 
  • Cost of a monthly transport pass – Numbeo – prices by city of monthly pass (regular price) of transportation
  • Average cost of rent – Numbeo – cost of rent for a 1 bedroom apartment (city centre) 

The number of Christmas related jobs was recorded using Glassdoor – number of Christmas related jobs per city. Searches for ‘christmas’ in location from seedlist. Filter – total number of jobs (part time and full time), within 10 miles. UK only.