5 Honest Slogans – What Do People Really Think?


Honesty isn’t something too prevalent in the world of marketing and branding, it’s all about how companies want to be perceived. HonestSlogans.com reimagines how company slogans would read if they were a little more honest…

1. Instagram


It’s 2013, everyone has a smartphone with a camera, and suddenly we’re all professional photographers because we can select “Sepia” or “Black & White” from the drop down list of filters from our phone’s photo editing app.

2. ChapStick

chapstick honest slogan

I wonder if there is an alternate dimension where lost ChapSticks, odd socks and the occasional DS stylus go to live?

3. Sharpie


The safer alternative to setting the inebriated and unconscious’s socks on fire – how about we just draw on them instead. Or both. Both is good.

4. Ninendo Wii


“Wear the wrist restraint? PAH! I’m a pro – I don’t need to wear the wrist restraint!” Famous last words before having to purchase a new TV, window or small domestic animal.

5. Xbox LIVE

xbox live

You’ll often find out just where your mother has been, should you be found doing any of the following in a multiplayer online session where headsets are involved:

  • Camping
  • Being better than everyone else
  • Using the game’s features
  • Having more kills/points than anyone else
  • or using kill streaks



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