Pouch Packaging: our appetising coffee collaboration

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To celebrate our 25th anniversary and the launch of our new range of Stand-up Pouches, we collaborated with Little Fin Roastery to create a special coffee blend. View our video for a glimpse into the process, and stick around to learn how custom Pouch Packaging can enhance your product presentation and preservation.

Crafting bespoke Pouch Packaging with Solopress

At Solopress, we are passionate about offering top-tier packaging solutions that not only protect your products but also enhance their appeal. To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we teamed up with Little Fin Coffee Roastery, just a short walk from our office in Southend, to create a unique coffee blend. This collaboration beautifully showcases our expertise in designing and producing custom stand-up Pouch Packaging.

A journey from bean to pouch

Our video chronicles the entire process, beginning with our team consulting with Little Fin Coffee Roastery. Together, we selected the finest beans, followed by an immersive coffee tasting experience. You’ll witness the beans being roasted and ground, alongside the meticulous process of printing, filling, and sealing the pouches.

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About Little Fin Coffee Roastery

Roasting Beans at Little Fin Roastery

Solopress is to a considerable degree fuelled by the fantastic coffee produced by our close neighbours, Little Fin Coffee Roastery! Little Fin began with a simple goal: to create the freshest, most flavourful filter coffee. Starting with a countertop roaster and an Aeropress, the founders dedicated countless hours to perfecting their craft. Now, several years and thousands of coffee bags later, Little Fin continues to delight customers with their premium offerings.

Present your product in style with stand-up Pouch Packaging

Pouch Packaging offers an ideal solution for various products, ensuring freshness and convenience. Our pouches come in sizes of 250g, 500g, 750g, and 1000g, making them suitable for a wide range of perishable goods, as we will explore: from coffee and snacks to pet treats and supplements.

Join us in exploring the potential of custom Pouch Packaging for your products. Discover how Solopress can support your packaging needs with high-quality, bespoke solutions.

The Versatile Uses and Benefits of Pouch Packaging

Pouch Packaging is an innovative and flexible solution for businesses looking to enhance the presentation, protection, and sustainability of their products. With a range of customisation options, stand-up pouches can be tailored to meet the specific needs of different industries, offering numerous advantages over traditional packaging methods.

Why choose Pouch Packaging?

Pouch Packaging construction

Product Protection

Our tough yet accessible Pouches provide a high level of protection against external factors such as moisture, air, and light, ensuring that the contents remain fresh and safe. This is particularly crucial for perishable goods.


Pouch Packaging is highly customisable. Businesses can select from various materials, finishes, and additional features like resealable zippers, spouts, and tear notches. Custom printing options also allow for eye-catching branding.


Pouches are user-friendly, featuring easy opening and closing mechanisms. Resealable options help maintain product freshness after initial opening, providing added convenience for consumers.

They Stand Up!

The shape and construction of these Pouches allows them to be free-standing. That means they’re easy to fill by hand or machine, look great on display and are convenient for customers to store.


Our Pouches are made from strong, tear-resistant BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) that can be disposed of responsibly at recycling centres and at large store front recycling points such as those at major supermarkets in the UK. BOPP is a #5 plastic product, which the UK government has plans to include in kerbside recycling in the near future.

Compared to rigid packaging, Pouches are often more compact and lighter in weight, saving space and fuel in transit

In all, they make for an economical, convenient and eco-friendly solution that can help reduce your carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Applications of Pouch Packaging

Pouch Packaging is suitable for a wide range of products across various sectors, making it a versatile choice for businesses.

Food & Beverage Products 

Pouches are ideal for packaging food items, helping to maintain freshness and extend shelf life. Common applications include:

  • Snacks (nuts, dried fruits, popcorn)
  • Cereals and grains
  • Spices and herbs
  • Sauces and condiments
  • Coffee beans and ground coffee
  • Tea leaves and tea bags

Pet Products

Pet food and treats benefit from the durability and freshness offered by pouches. They are suitable for:

  • Dry and wet pet food
  • Pet treats
  • Bird seed and other small pet food

Health Supplements and Snacks

Health and fitness products often require packaging that keeps them safe from moisture and contamination while being convenient to use. Pouches are ideal for:

  • Protein powders and supplements
  • Vitamins and health snacks

Beauty and Cosmetics products

 Pouches are excellent for a variety of beauty and personal care products, offering protection and attractive presentation. Uses include:

  • Face masks and creams
  • Bath salts and body scrubs
  • Soaps, gels, and toiletries

Home and Garden Supplies

 Pouches are also used for packaging household and horticultural items, providing a flexible and sustainable alternative to traditional packaging. Applications include:

  • Seeds, nutrients and fertilisers
  • Fixings, plugs and other DIY items
  • Gadgets, adapters, cables and other small electronic items

Hobby and Craft Supplies
For outdoor and recreational products, pouches offer durability and convenience. Suitable items include:

  • Beads and appliqué items
  • Fishing bait and tackle
  • Model making parts and accessories

The Solopress Advantage

Solopress Pouch Packaging sizes

At Solopress, we are dedicated to providing high-quality Pouch Packaging that meets the unique needs of our clients. Our customisation options ensure that your packaging not only protects your product but also enhances its visual appeal and marketability. We offer sustainable packaging solutions to help you reduce your environmental footprint while maintaining top-notch product quality.

Custom Design Services

If you need help with the design, the Solopress Design Service is available to create tailored designs that make your product stand out. custom artwork that captures your brand’s essence and attracts customers.

Explore how Solopress can elevate your product packaging with our innovative Pouch Packaging solutions. Visit Solopress Packaging to learn more and start your packaging journey with us today.