Solopress supports Morph’s Epic Art Adventure!

Morph’s epic art adventure is taking over the streets of central London this summer and we’re proud to be supporting the fun with stunning Folded Leaflet trail maps and a Solopress-sponsored Morph sculpture!

For the next two months, starting on June 19th and ending on August 20th, you can join in the adventure over the holidays.

If you’re in central London during those dates, share a selfie and tag us on appropriate social media platforms to enter our £500 prize draw!

What is Morph’s Epic Art Adventure?

Your challenge? To find and locate each sculpture within the next two months to unlock a series of rewards and fun facts.

This is the UK’s first step-free art trail of its kind which is hosted by the charity, Whizz-Kidz, a charity for young wheelchair users. Free for the public to partake in, the trail consists of:

  • 56 six-foot Morph sculptures
  • 56 London landmarks
  • 56 unique designs and stories

Please sir – Can I have some Morph?

Our Folded Leaflet trail maps or the downloadable app will help you navigate across landmarks, through London’s famous streets and over the River Thames to complete your quest.

Trail maps are stocked across seven different sites:

  • City of London Information Centre
  • Guildhall Reception
  • Guildhall Library
  • Guildhall Art Gallery
  • Barbican Library
  • Shoe Lane Library
  • Artizan Shoe Library

Want to get your hands on one of these stunning Folded Leaflets? Be sure to check out the opening times of these locations on their website.!


Based on Morph, the beloved TV character, each sculpture has been uniquely designed by well-known and emerging artists.

Our statue, Astromorph, is located at Peter’s Hill. Created by Megan Heather Smith-Evans, our space-suited Morph has the stunning backdrop of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Seeking your fortune

To complete the trail, explorers must embark on the quest of locating all 56 sculptures. With most morphs located within close proximity of central London on the north and south sides of the Thames, this can either be attempted in one fell swoop or at a more leisurely pace over several days.

Each sculpture comes with its own unique prize. Download the app to track and enter each Morph’s competition, including Solopress’ very own treasure trove!

For an amazing cause

Whizz-Kidz is an incredible charity that works with young wheelchair users and their families to provide the best equipment specific to each individual.

Not only supplying wheelchairs for young people, but they’re also actively trying to encourage societal change to help mobilise the lives of their users so that they can have a more accessible, inclusive life.

This goal is highlighted in Morph’s Epic Art Adventure, with the trail being the first step-free track of its kind in the UK!

In the spirit of adventure

Are you taking on the challenge this summer? Be sure to take your photo with Astromorph and tag us in our socials to be entered into our draw!*

*See our website for the prize draw Terms & Conditions.