Customer Stories: Dahlia Beach

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When Andrea McDowell, a former TV director from London, moved to the Cotswold borders in 2013, it was in pursuit of a better life, one that her small stone courtyard in Brixton couldn’t offer. With a deep-rooted passion for gardening, she sought space and tranquillity to grow. Andie previously led a successful wedding video company, balancing work and family life seamlessly until the unforeseen challenges of 2020 struck. The pandemic led to an abrupt halt in her business operations, pushing her to find comfort and purpose in gardening.

Getting Dahlia Beach off the ground

This transition marked the beginning of Dahlia Beach. The positive transformation in her garden, driven by her dedication and a selection of carefully chosen dahlias, not only nurtured her during a tumultuous period but also laid the foundation for her new venture. In November 2020, amid the lockdown, Andie took a bold step by launching Dahlia Beach, starting with an order of 4,000 dahlia tubers. The business quickly flourished, indicating a promising new chapter for Andie and her family.

With Dahlia Beach’s initial success, Andie faced the vital task of marketing and promoting her unique venture. Understanding the power of tangible, high-quality print material in telling a story and engaging customers, she sought a printing partner that could meet her needs with speed, quality, and reliability. That’s when Andie discovered Solopress, a decision that would significantly augment Dahlia Beach’s brand visibility and reach. “I use Solopress for all of my print material!” she affirms.

A blossoming relationship

Dahlia Beach printingFor a business deeply rooted in the beauty and tactile nature of gardening, the choice of print material was crucial. It wasn’t just about disseminating information; it was about conveying the essence of Dahlia Beach, its commitment to beauty, quality, and community engagement.

One of the standout features of Solopress that Andie appreciated was the quick turnaround and quality assurance, crucial for her event-driven marketing strategy. “The best thing about Solopress is that, when I’m not busy working in the field, I’m planning events and shows and I need really good quality, very last minute Leaflets and Brochures that are going to represent my brand and do me proud, and that’s what I get from Solopress.” 

This reliability became a cornerstone in the planning and execution of Dahlia Beach’s marketing activities, enabling Andie to focus on her garden and customers without worrying about how the print would turn out or when it might arrive.

Sharing a commitment to quality

Dahlia Beach print quality

Solopress’ commitment to customer satisfaction and product quality was further evidenced by their provision of free sample packs, a detail that Andie found particularly useful. “The other thing I really love about Solopress is that they send out these free sample packs, and in it it’s got all of the different types of paper and finishes to choose from.” This service simplified the decision-making process for Andie, ensuring that each piece of print material was perfectly tailored to reflect Dahlia Beach’s brand ethos.

The impact of the partnership between Dahlia Beach and Solopress on Andie’s business was profound. Leaflets, Brochures, and Events Printing not only enhanced the brand’s visibility but also helped forge a stronger connection with the horticultural community and potential customers. The high-quality print materials produced in collaboration with Solopress played a pivotal role in attracting visitors to Dahlia Beach’s Pick-Your-Own flower farm and workshops, significantly boosting engagement and turnout.

Cultivating a following

In addition to print, Andie has always been a proponent of social media platforms when it comes to sharing the story of Dahlia Beach. She’s a real natural when it comes to expressing herself via Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Solutions for success through print

Through strategic use of Solopress’ printing solutions, Dahlia Beach saw impressive results in customer engagement and brand awareness. The synergy between Andie’s passion for her garden and Solopress’ expertise in print material created a powerful marketing approach that continues to propel Dahlia Beach towards further growth and success.

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