Farnham Chiropractic Wellness: a door drop campaign Pt 2

Farnham Chiropractic Door-to-door Leaflets header

In part 1 of our series on this door drop campaign, we introduced Farnham Chiropractic Wellness and their Mid-life MOT service. We learned how chiropractor and business owner Grant Pretorius had identified that a door drop campaign could help him to reach a new audience. We also took a detailed look at how we arrived at a Flyer design that was specifically optimised for distribution via direct mail.

With print ready artwork ready to upload, it was time to look at the next steps involved in setting up a successful direct mail, or DM, campaign. Using Solopress Door-to-Door Leaflet Distribution service, this meant getting familiar with Campaign Builder. This tool is accessible during the ordering process and it lets you pick out your audience according to geographical area, age, household type and income bracket.

Campaign Builder

When targeting the right addresses for his mail drop, Grant needed to zero in on the right audience using factors including geographical area; age household type and income. Efficiency is key to keeping costs down, and Leaflets are wasted if they’re dropped at an address where the residents are too far away, the wrong age to take advantage of the Mid-life MOT, or don’t have the resources to pay for the service.


As the name suggests, Farnham Chiropractic Wellness is based in the Surrey town of Farnham. This thriving Georgian Market town has a population of 28k and serves as a social and commercial hub for a number of surrounding villages.

Grant was keen to build on his local customer-base, so he decided to focus on nearby households. Accordingly, he selected a radius of 10 miles from the clinic’s address. This area included the postcodes GU9 7**, GU9 8**, GU9 9**, GU9 0**, GU10 1**, GU10 2**, GU10 3**, GU10 4** and GU10 5**.

Campaign Builder allows you to select multiple areas, even if those postcodes aren’t contiguous – ie. they’re dotted around rather than forming one large area. If your audience is city-centres, for example, you could select city-centre postcodes in Glasgow, Birmingham and Manchester, all as part of the same campaign.

Scaling up

One of the versatile aspects of using the Door-To-Door Leaflet Distribution service is that the scale and scope of your campaign is completely under your control. As long as the number of addresses is above the minimum of 7,500 and under the maximum of 1,000,000, you can tailor your campaign to take in as many households as your wish via Campaign Builder. 

For campaigns with audiences greater than 1,000,000, you can contact us at [email protected] or on 01702 460047 and we’ll be able to give you the special attention that a campaign of this scale warrants.

For the Farnham Chiropractic Wellness campaign, Grant settled on a total of 24,000 households, which allowed for a sensible amount of coverage that still fell within his budget.

Aiming to please

One of the key elements of targeting for any marketing campaign is demographics – aiming your focus on the kinds of people who are most likely to become your customers. 

Campaign Builder allows targeting across these key filters:


A tick in this box allows marketers to reach all families within the specified area. You can drill down further to specify: Hotel Parents, Primary School Parents, Secondary School Parents, or Playschool Parents.

Early Life

Selecting this group reaches young people within the target area. You can further focus on Fledglings, Nest Builders and Flown The Nest.

Mid Life

The route to that lucrative market of middle-aged people. Sub-groups you can target include Non-Standard Families, Unconstrained Couples and Mid-Life Independents.

Later Life

When focussing at the senior end of the market, marketers can choose between Empty Nesters or Senior Sole Decision Makers.

Income Bracket

Campaign Builder lets you target households with High Income, Medium Income or Low Income.

The perfect prospect

For the Mid-life MOT, the prospective audience is pretty much written into the title – anyone in the 40–60-year-old bracket. Mid-life is one of the age brackets used in the Campaign Builder, allowing Grant to address this specific audience at the exclusion of all others.

Another important factor in qualifying leads for this particular service was income. The in-depth nature of the assessment means it comes with a higher price tag than other health checks and treatments offered by the clinic. Laboratory costs for the blood work, for example, are a driving factor behind pricing. Procuring these tests via the private sector, however, brings great advantages in terms of speed and service.

Grant imagines his target persona for the Mid-life MOT to be a professional who has made certain health sacrifices in return for pursuing wealth and a career. The Mid-life MOT allows those people to use some of that wealth to invest back into their health. With this in mind, grant was able to use Campaign Builder to drill down to households with Medium and High incomes.

Sticking to the budget

Another useful feature of the Campaign Builder is the ability to tweak your postcode areas, quantities and demographics before committing to you order. That means you can set your budget and adjust your scope to suit, or plan your dream campaign and and calculate the cost.

Whichever way you use it, Door-To-Door Leaflet Distribution from Solopress is a convenient way to plan, purchase, print and post your direct marketing material in one hit from one trusted supplier.