Chanel Poster Bag Shows The Chic Side Of Recycling

Quirky Chanel poster bag is a quirky marketing ploy, reusable

The designers at Dutch recycling collective Enjoy Twice have cleverly transformed a Chanel poster ad into this unique pleated bag…

Recycled Chanel poster bag photo

Using advanced paper folding techniques, this gorgeous Chanel Poster Bag was created from a discarded poster advertisement.

Enjoy Twice are hoping their latest recycling project will showcase the design team’s ethos of producing elegant products that help the environment rather than harm it.

Recycled bag and original poster advert

Recycled Chanel poster bag close-up

Based in Amsterdam, Enjoy Twice are also selling limited edition LED lamps made from recycled cardboard advertising and packaging. These lights can be hung from the ceiling or placed on a flat surface.

Enjoy Twice recycled cardboard lights


  1. I like it. The advert is well known, Kiera Knightley is gorgeous, the brand is iconic; whats not to love. The fact that they are also promoting eco issues as well as advertising is fantastic. They should give them out with purchases. yes, it is not as cost effective, but even as a short term marketing ploy it sends the right message out and shows Chanel to be forward thinking. Where do I get one?


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