Top Cinco De Mayo Party Accessories


Cinco de Mayo is a loud and colourful Mexican celebration with a rich culture and historic significance. Below you will find an array of free Mexican-inspired supplies to get the party in full swing.

History of Cinco De Mayo

First of all, Cinco De Mayo is a holiday celebrating the victory of the Mexican Army during the French – Mexican war. This particular battle, being the battle of Puebla, took place on May 5th,1862.

A strong and disciplined French army moved in on the less equipped and less experienced Mexican army. The French outnumbered the Mexicans by a great deal. Be that as it may, the French retreated when they lost nearly five hundred soldiers and the Mexican army was triumphant.

Cinco De Mayo represents a great conquest for the country. Even though the odds were against them, the nation was defended in defending the town.
Since this encounter, no country within the United States has been attacked by a European military. So on May 5th, the strength and pride this nation feels, is commended.

In Puebla where the battle took place, the celebration is still very big. Communities gather in the street for parties, parades and dancing. More recently, the holiday is celebrated across the United states to celebrate the Mexican-American culture. In fact, the largest celebration is held in Los Angeles, California. Hundreds of people travel to the city for the extravagant party. Mexican Canadians have a tradition of skydiving on Cinco de Mayo sporting the colours of the nations.

Wherever the festivities are occurring, celebrations that you would expect to see are people in the costume of French and Mexican soldiers. Also, traditional foods, street parties and parades and sometimes a re-enactment of the battle.

Today, it is common for households to host parties for the event. Because of this, we have some free templates and printables below you might want to use for your Fiesta!

Lucha Libre Masks Cinco De Mayo Masks

Time to release your inner fighter! A Lucha Libre is a fun mask that you can print out and decorate yourself. So the free template for this is here.

Photo Booth Accessories

Since photo booths and selfie-taking are a must have at any party. You can find some accessories here to spice up your selfies.

Pin The Tail on The Pinata

Next up, a classic party came with a traditional twist. Find the template for this entertaining game here.

Party Stationery

Since any good party needs equally impressive supplies. Invites and thank you cards can be found here.


Lastly, we have an inviting banner to make your guests feel welcome.  Download this colourful pdf here.

Whatever you have planned for the celebration, have a good one and get in the true Mexican spirit and indulge in the culture.

Es Tiempo de Fiesta!


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