Top 10 Wildest Eurovision Acts Of All Time


The Eurovision song contest is a musical event where a musician from each country in Europe is chosen to represent their Nation to show their talent. Every year we are greeted with weird and wonderful performances, so below are a few of our bizarre favourites.

Dustin The Turkey

Eurovison Dustin the Turkey

In the 2008 competition, Ireland sent in one of its “television presenters”. Dustin is a puppet Turkey who has several singles out and knows how to put on a show. In fact, he sang a song commemorating Ireland called, Irlande Douze Points. You can see the performance here.



In 2006, Finland gave us Lordi as their entrants to Eurovision. They performed Hardrock to Hallelujah. What is more, this metal band went on to win the contest that year, which was the first time a hard rock song had won. Definitely worthy winners. A link to this performance is here.

SunStroke Project

In 2010 we were blessed with this group who are now very well known for the Saxophonist who is better known as epic sax guy. They represented Moldova brilliantly with their song run away, and this is still a memorable performance. You can view it here.


In 2013 Romania gave us Cezar. He gave a very theatrical display with a vampire feel. He sang an operatic song, It’s my life, and he even levitated out of a sea of “blood” at one point which was a real spectacle! View it here.

Verka Serduchka

In 2007 we went wild for Verka Serduchka. The catchy entry from Ukraine, Dancing Lasha Tumbai, got everyone excited. You cannot help to dance along with it. With exciting wardrobe choices and a lot of fun, this artist is still one of our favourites. The clip is available here.

Buranovskiye Babushki

Six older ladies took to the stage in 2012 winning them the second place that year. They graced us with biscuits, singing and dancing. It’s performances like this that show diversity and culture and we loved every minute of it. You can see it here.

Rodolfo Chikilicuatre

Rodolfo is a  comedy character created by David Fernandez-Ortiz. He was first introduced on a Spanish late night TV show and rose to fame. So much so he was entered into the 2008 contest. He performed Baila el Chiki-Chiki. With a toy guitar and Elvis-esque wig, he is one to remember. Relive the show here.


Scooch represented the United Kingdom in the 2007 competition. They sang one of their songs Flying the flag for you and it’s not easily forgotten. In either case, good or bad, with the cabin crew outfits and choreography, it ticked every box on the cheesy pop hit list.


Jedward is a well-known twin duo, who have appeared on numerous reality shows. After becoming famous they were Ireland’s entry in the 2011 contest and came in sixth place. Their performance of Lipstick got everyone talking about the height of their hair, synchronised dancing and very jazzy attire.

Winny Puhh

When it comes to putting a show, Winny Puhh is up there with the greats. In 2013 for Estonia they took to the stage. You can’t take your eyes off the interesting costumes. Not to mention, they have two drummers spinning from above. Although they didn’t get very far, you can still enjoy this here.

It’s the good and the bad that make the Eurovision Song Contest so great. Let’s see what amazing performances we get this year and maybe some of them will make it onto our list of memorable acts.


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