Create Your Own Free Christmas Decorations: Santa’s Papercraft Reindeers

papercraft reindoor

This handy tutorial will enlighten you on how to make your very own Papercraft Christmas Reindeer. It’s better than a christmas jumper and it’ll be a fun project to undertake either by yourself, or with your family.

Give your home or office festive cheer,
with this cheeky little Reindeer!

Click to download reindeer template pdf

Then watch the tutorial below!


Full Transcript & Instructions

Hello, and welcome to this special and festive paper craft tutorial, in this tutorial we are going to create a paper craft Christmas Reindeer.

To begin, download and print one of our templates from the Solopress website, the links for these templates are provided below.

For this tutorial you will need: a pair of scissors, a ruler, and a Pritt stick.

A useful tip, try using thicker paper or card, this will help improve the stability of the reindeer.

Cut out each segment using the pair of scissors.

We are now left with 4 sections the body, neck, head and antlers; we will now fold each section.

To begin, we will start with the body. We are going to make two folds the down the back of body, where the dotted line is shown. Turn over the paper, and make the folds on the dotted line. Fold the tail end and once you have done that fold the two black tabs.

Using the pritt stick, add glue to each tab. We need to fold round the tail and stick each tab underneath, this will help give support and keep the legs together. We will now put the body to one side, allowing the glue to dry whilst we work on the next section.

We will now begin working on the neck, take note of the dotted lines and turn over the paper. Make a fold each of the dotted lines. Add glue to the long black tab. Fold round the tab and stick it to the other side, as shown. Place the neck to one side, and we will come back to that shortly.

We will now make the head, again notice the dotted lines and turn over the paper. Make a fold on each of the dotted lines and fold the two tabs. Add glue to each tab and fold over to stick underneath to each side of the face. We have now created the head, allow time for the glue to dry before continuing the next step.

We are now going to glue the neck to the head. Add glue to the two black tabs on the top of the neck, and insert the tabs into the head making sure that the lighter shade of brown is facing towards the front, stick each tab on both sides of the face, allowing the head to fix onto the neck. Leave the glue to dry then continue with the next step.

We will now stick the neck to the body, add glue both sides of the lower part of the neck as shown, again make sure the head is facing towards the front and stick the neck to the front of the body. We have one more step to do, and that is to add the antlers.

With the antlers notice the dotted lines and make a fold on each of the dotted lines. Add glue to the middle section and stick the antlers towards the end of the head, making sure that the long part of the antlers is at the back.

We have now created a Christmas Reindeer. Follow the links below to download your free template.

Merry Christmas from all at Solopress. We’d love to see your Reindeers on twitter!

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  1. I do wish I’d seen this before Christmas, I’ve been loving reindeer decs so much this year. I think I’ll download the template and pack it away to do with the children next Christmas.

  2. I love these reindeers. I have only recently got into doing arts and crafts things to keep me distracted. I really enjoyed doing these! Great ideas!

  3. Thanks for the tutorial, great idea. Needed some new crafts for the kids to do this Christmas, will definitely be trying this xx

  4. I love these! I am not very artistic so thanks for the template. I may take some pictures of my completed effort to show you, if they turn out okay 🙂


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