Your Local Photographic Society: In Southend

Gorgeous sunset with pinks, peaches, blue and oranges. The boats and land are in a black silhouette against the water which reflects the perfect setting of the sun
Evening Thorpe Bay - Colin Butler

We support local societies and the Southend Photographic Society is no exception. Check out what the online community has to offer and get involved with photography in your town.

About The Southend Photographic Society

The Southend Photographic Society dates back to 1900, when a select few of like-minded enthusiasts joint together to share their passions in photography. Over 100 years on and the society boasts over 20 members in the local area. The group meet every Friday – sharing their best tips, favourite photos, organising specialist presentations and competitions. Norman Payne, the President of the society says,

“It is one of the best clubs in the area being friendly and easy to make advancement in your photographic skills. Why not come and join us and make your photography something special for everyone to see?”

Photos From The Southend Photographic Society’s Galleries

Beautiful landscape photograph taken from Southend Photo Society showing a still, calm lake with a valley backdrop - stunning mixture of greens, blues and yellows.
Summer Morning Derwentwater – Kath Hinton
Southend Photographic Society member photo of a beautiful green and white butterfly on a budding flower
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made – Jenifer Humphreys
Stunning up-close photo of an ultra-violet flower that looks like a blue flame taken by a photographic society member
Flower Flame – Jennifer Humphreys
Moody and chilling photo of a snowy countryside with a distant mist taken in black and white by photographic society member
Gripped by Recession – Terry Sandoe
Black and white landscape photo of a rocky terrain
Northern Rock – Terry Sandoe
Gorgeous sunset with pinks, peaches, blue and oranges. The boats and land are in a black silhouette against the water which reflects the perfect setting of the sun
Evening Thorpe Bay – Colin Butler
Stunning photographic image of a stormy lake and valley backdrop with a tiny boat on the otherwise still, calm water
Stormy Morning Derwentwater – Colin Butler
Beautiful up-close shot of a brown butterfly sitting on a very green leaf
Butterfly – Chris Price
Up-close photo of a dripping tap just as the little blob is about to drop
H2O – Chris Price
dramatic and powerful looking cathedral ruins in the middle of nowhere - photo taken in black and white from a lower angle
Against the Winds – Richard Harper
Absolutely stunning photo of Southend's Thames estuary with a sky sunset of deep blues and yellows and the tide is out
A January Evening – Richard Harper
Black and white landscape photo looking up onto a spiral ceiling
The Reading Room – Richard Harper
Adorable photograph of a young, brown duckling swimming in water with large water droplets clinging to his feathers
Duckling – Mike Singer
Moody photograph of a pier disappearing into grey mist
The Long Walk – Dave Deadman
Beautifully misty photo of a windsurfer on relatively calm water, broken up by the direction of the sweeping wind with hills barely visible in the background
Windsurfer – Brian Manser
Beautifully moving photograph of two hands - one an older person and one a baby
Safe Hands – Jennie Bowers
Golden sunset over the sea as a silhouetted couple walk along the shore on the beach
Sunset Stroll – Jennie Bowers
Moody and meaningful photo of a gorilla looking straight down the camera lens
Old Red Eyes Is Back – Paul Simpson
Photo of a serviceman in his metal gear and red feathered hat staring menacingly into the camera lens
I Am Maximus Decimus – Paul Simpson
Amazing photograph of a misty sea taken in black and white
Jaywick Sands – Paul Simpson
Captivating photograph of a Chinese leopard face-on the camera surrounded by blackness
North Chinese Leopard – Paul Simpson
Humorous photograph of British cricket players just as the red ball is perfectly at the batter's nose
Red Nose Day – Paul Simpson
Close-up shot of a lion snarling at the camera filmed in black and white
What’s Up Pussy Cat – Paul Simpson


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