Stunning Minimal Photography by Jacob Howard

Photography by Jacob Howard

Jacob Howard is a photographer and designer based in New Zealand with an honours degree in Visual Communication Design. 

Photography by Jacob Howard

Jacob’s work received great attention in summer 2014 upon the unveiling of his latest project ‘Distant’. Following the Distant series, Jacob has been awarded an honourable mention for two categories in the International Photography Awards and also ranked amongst the top 10 New Zealand photographers.

Photography by Jacob Howard

When asked about inspirations, Jacob cites the fact that he lives at ‘the bottom of the world’ as an influence and takes time to celebrate the vast and diverse landscapes that New Zealand has to offer. The southern part of the country offers many beautiful and awe-inspiring backdrops with changeable weather and the ability to transform its scenery from day to day.

Photography by Jacob Howard

Living in a country with a population density of 17 people per square kilometre, Jacob takes advantage of the beauty found in isolation and the mystery and charm of the undiscovered. As well as this there is a great sense satisfaction to be taken from the symmetry of wide-open space as well as an overwhelming sadness about any objects of intrigue found amongst the vast desert.

Photography by Jacob Howard

More of Jacob’s incredible work can be found at Behance or on his website here.

Photography by Jacob Howard

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