3D Printing Artists Showcase Their Incredible Work At London Exhibition

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The world’s largest collection of 3D printed artworks opens to the general public in London today…

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Bringing together the world’s biggest collection of 3D printed artworks in one place, ARTS 2013 gallery opened today at the 3D Printshow in London. Highlighting the latest developments in this exciting new medium, ARTS 2013 features many exclusives from the world’s hottest 3D printing artists.

Along with Urbee: The 3D Printed Car and other 3D printing innovations, this stunning 3D art collection is a central part of the exhibition’s remit to show just how incredible 3D printing truly is.

According to the organisers of 3D Printshow, the Internet changed the world in the 1990s and now – thanks to the possibilities of 3D printing – the world is about to change again.

3D Printing Artists

Here’s my personal pick of the 3D Printing Artists showing their art at 3D Printshow.

Jessica Rosenkrantz

3D printing artists Jessica Rosenkrantz

Image Source: Jessica Rosenkrantz

3D print artist and designer Jessica Rosenkrantz graduated from MIT in 2005 and holds degrees in Architecture and Biology. She also studied architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Her design studio, Nervous System, works at the interaction of science, art and technology.

“We write computer programs based on processes and patterns found in nature and use those programs to create unique and affordable art, jewellery, and housewares.”
Jessica Rosenkrantz

 Joshua Harker

3D printing artists Joshua Harker

Image Source: Joshua Harker

A pioneer in 3D printed art and sculpture, Joshua Harker describes himself as an “artist, sculptor, musician, digital adventurer, imagination architect and troublemaker”. His groundbreaking work has been featured in all the leading media outlets such as the Los Angeles Times, Popular Science, Time, Wall Street Journal and Wired.

Joshua’s entire collection is being showcased at Printshow 3D.

“This boon of technology (3D printing, sculptural software and material engineering) is a revolutionary time for the arts and one which will be boldly marked in history.”
Joshua Harker

Katy Connor

3D printing artists Katy Connor

Image Source: Katy Connor

Coming from a background in film and television production, Katy Connor is a Bristol-based artist working with digital video, sculpture and installation.

“My work explores the poetic threshold between the digital and the physical, points where the incorporeal becomes tangible and material.”
Katy Connor

Matthew Plummer-Fernandez

3D printing artists Matthew Plummer-fernandez

Image Source: Matthew Plummer-Fernandez

After studying Graphic Design and Computer-Aided Mechanical Engineering at the Royal College of Art and King’s College London, Matthew Plummer-Fernandez is an artist exploring emerging 3D technologies, programming and digital culture.

Matthew’s Disarming Corruptors project is being shown at Printshow 3D.

“In a time of prolific online espionage, crackdowns on file-sharing, and a growing concern for the 3D printing of illegal items and copyright protected artefacts, Disarming Corruptors is a free software application that helps people to circumvent these issues.”
Matthew Plummer-Fernandez

Nick Ervinck

3D printing artists Nick Ervinck

Image Source: Nick Ervinck

Working in close parallel to science, Belgium artist Nick Ervinck is able to develop new realities with his 3D printed art that can, in turn, inspire the scientists themselves.

Nick’s stunning Agrieborz piece is being displayed at Printshow 3D. For this work, Nick used imagery of human organs that he found in medical manuals as construction materials to create an organic form that’s ‘gone wild’. Today we are capable of creating replicas of human bones on the basis of 3D-models from CAT-scans. Nick believes that bio printing, a new technology used to print organs, will be further developed and commercialised in the coming years.

“I have always been fascinated by the way art has developed due to the use of new materials and techniques. 3D printing offers me the incredible advantage to produce almost any type of intricate geometry or ornament.”
Nick Ervinck

Where and When

3D Printshow exhibition and ARTS 2013 gallery runs from today until Saturday 9th November 2013 at the London Business Design Centre in Islington.

Have Your Say

What do YOU think about the incredible work of these 3D Printing Artists? Perhaps you have made 3D printed art too? Please share your thoughts – and artwork – with us using the blog ‘Leave a Reply’ comments box below…

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  1. These are amazing! I love the interaction between science and art, especially the work of Jessica Rosenkrantz and Nick Ervinck. Looks like a really interesting exhibition


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