3D Printing: Selfie Bobbleheads

3D printed bobble head


The Selfie Olympics have shown that our own vanity has no bounds! The guys over at Mixee Labs have taken Selfie into a whole other dimension, now you can create your own 3D bobble head!

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 10.30.07

The MixeeLabs fabulous online creator lets you design your 3D Selfie Bobblehead in your own image, with a choice of eyes, mouths, hairstyles, t-shirts and hoodies. You can even draw your own face, or t-shirt graphic and upload it to the creator!

src: shapeways.com

The Bobbleheads are printed in strong plastic with a coloured sandstone coating to give a slightly unusual texture to your bobble-self.


Boop! Boop!


  1. Good find Lauren.
    This is an an interesting take on the 3D printing explosion.
    I can imagine recommending this idea to clients that are searching for a quirky accent for their home or office.
    They would definitely be a talking point, but the persons face would need to be fairly distinctive in the first place to get a good likeness.

    And at $25 they are quite reasonable, considering the technology involved.

  2. Wow this is really cool, love the development of the 3D system of printing very futuristic and exciting to see what it will lead to in the future (besides a bunch of selfie bobble heads!!)

  3. these are fab! im not sure i love would look as cool as the bobbleheads though!technology has come so far+ that makes me feel very old! im out of my comfort zone at work on the computer but its good I can push myself + gain experience.X


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