5 Tips for Mind-blowing Halloween Photos


October is a great time of the year to get creative, with plenty of opportunities to take awesome Halloween photos using lots of themed props, such as pumpkins, leaves, gourds, decorations, costumes and more!

We’ve listed some fantastic ways below to make the most of the event and create some unique, memorable photos.

Here are 5 Tips for Mind-blowing Halloween Photos:

1. Halloween Bunting

Easy, inexpensive, but most of all, they can transform a room at home or an office ready for a spooky shot! You can even go one step further with coloured paper, pegs and twine.

2. Felt Decorations

For a cute but striking shot, try cutting out shapes from felt and stitching them together. After taking some fantastic photos of them, which look especially effective against dark surfaces, you can also turn them into pins to give away as gifts!

3. Cupcakes

Turn your creativity into something you can eat! Don’t trick, just treat yourself and others by baking your own Halloween inspired cakes, with orange, green, black or white icing. Add some decorations such as ghosts and spiders (plastic ones will probably give you more smiles and less screams), to really set yourself up with a fun, stylish shot!

4. Halloween Inspired Wreath

Whether you make your own or buy one from your local flower market, a beautiful autumnal wreath is the perfect decoration to not only welcome the season into your home, but Halloween too, by adding pumpkins, spooky leaves and spider webs.

5. Halloween Gift Wrapping

Join in on the tabletop shot craze by capturing creative packaging, with Halloween inspired striped, orange, black or kraft paper. Throw in a few mini pumpkins and gourds to complete the look!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these tips and look forward to seeing your creations – tag us on social media!

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